Jack of all Trades – 170


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Daniela returned after a few minutes. She was alone.


“Huh? Where are they?”

“Hmm… Oh, they should be here soon…”



She sounded a little uncertain? But I didn’t have to wonder for too long, as the sounds of them running quickly followed. Their faces looked a little red. No, very red.



“Ahhh…oww…mm…phew. Sorry to keep you waiting…”

“Are you alright?”


Perhaps they were busy, as they were both out of breath.



“Your buttons are done wrong.”



Miss Turia frantically spun around and fixed her shirt. On closer inspection, Miss Segura was wearing hers backward. I pointed this out and she yelped before retreating to the backroom in a dash.


“What were they doing?”


I whispered to Daniela.


“What indeed…”



What did she mean by that? Daniela’s ears were red, but she refused to say any more.


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“Let’s start again… Daniela, here are your new clothes!”


Miss Turia pulled out several pieces from under the counter. Hmm…I didn’t get it.


“As you are an Adventurer, you favored practicality, which tends to have masculine results. And so we have made some clothes that are practical but have a feminine finish!”


The thing she spread out in front of us…looked like a one-piece dress.


“Hmm, but this will show your underwear when you move.”

“Who the hell would fight in something like that…”


Daniela said with annoyance. But wait a minute, bikini armor exists in this world! I saw one in Replant!


“You will be wearing this underneath.”



Daniela took the pair of shorts. Three-quarters length… I’ve seen those before.


“It is not jade green.”


They were all different colors in spite of being made of wind dragon materials. The one-piece was pure white, and there was jade lining at the skirt. The shorts were a beige color. It looked like hemp at first, but on closer inspection, it was clearly high-grade material.


“We used a special dye. Which will cost you a little extra… But sacrifices must be made for fashion!”



Daniela nodded. Well, some women certainly thought so.


“We made a few other things with the leftover materials. Try them on.”


There was a jacket and several skirts of varying lengths. Varying colors as well. Women’s clothes were often quite beautiful, which raised your motivation. Men’s clothes were often just something you were thankful that they fit. Well, that was probably just me.


“We made some for you too, Mister Asagi!”

“What? Me?”


I already bought so much…


“Those were ordinary clothes. Not for battle, right? If you have dragon armor, you should have good clothes under it as well.”

“So that’s why you wanted me to come in my armor.”


In fact, they had sent a message to the Babbling Brook.


‘Come to the store in your armor!’


That was all it had said. But I had somehow sensed the urgency in it and so paid them a visit in full battle gear. However, all she did was walk around me several times without saying a word, then she said, ‘that’s enough!’ and threw me out of the store. I had wondered what kind of odd variety of spitefulness that was, but it turned out she was just figuring out what kind of clothes to make.


After all, it was actually a great thing that I was receiving something to wear under the armor. I had been hit several times, and whenever it was bad enough to draw blood, it was always on my clothes where I was unarmored. What amazing aim they had. But I could not change into chainmail, as I prioritized speed, which was quite the dilemma. So this was all very good.


“Here you go.”

“Thank you!”


She gave me a light green shirt and an extra one in black. It was to be for casual wear. I had gone quite up in the world to be able to wear dragon shirts as casual clothing.


“That would be all of it.”


Miss Segura looked quite happy, as if it had been her who had received the clothes. Then she handed us a sheet of paper.


“Hmm? What-what…the bill. Four hundred pieces of gold… Four hundred!?”

“Yes. We gave you quite the discount, as we used the materials you brought in.”

“I don’t see any discount…”

“Oh? Do you wish to know how much it would have cost had you not brought the materials?”


Right. The world of dragon equipment always involved hundreds of pieces of gold. The fact that I had gotten my own equipment at a great discount had affected my perception.


“Well, it’s not like we can’t afford it…”

“How broad-minded of you!”


We had two thousand on us… And so I took out the money from the hollow bag and paid them. Four hundred pieces.


“Thank you very much! Oh, Turia. Look at how much money we have!”

“Hurry up and put it in the safe! Do you wish to be robbed!”


At Turia’s command, Miss Segura took the purse and ran to the back of the store. While it was a rather rushed ending, we had successfully acquired new clothes for Daniela. And some for me as well. So all was good.


By the way, they charged an additional sixty pieces of gold for my clothes. They said that it was cheaper because mine was made of the extra scraps… I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel about that.

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  1. Geez. It was in the middle of the day, and they even have an appointment to boost.
    Those girls are too horny. I wonder who top & bottom.
    Thank for the chapter

  2. Anyone else think its weird Asagi’s armor cost 65 gold with them having no mats. But Daniela’s CLOTHES cost 400 gold and they gave em the mats? I smell a Lily ripoff.

    • His clothes cost so little because he got a good discount for haggling, a discount for the materials being super common at the time, and being made out of YOUNG dragon mats. These were made of never in the market adult dragon mats.

    • I think so too..!! So expensive!! and male clothes should be more expensive than female clothes imo. Male shoes cost much much more than female shoes when i check them for shopping.
      and for this new clothes from scraps alone, 60 gold! A bit nearing the price of his own armor, was it originally 100 gold before the discount? And they even provided their own materials. so the materials cost shouldnt be a basis of the price, unless they claimed that working on adult wind dragon is much more difficult that working on young dragon mats..
      guess they could have haggled a bit if it was a male craftsman who would be too impressed with the mats and say they had a really good time working on it, like a once in a lifetime deal. Though less the feminine design for daniela’s clothes..

  3. So now we know why the store has “Lily” in the name. Still shouldn’t those two girls wait to bang later? They had customers that had an appointment. Time and place yo.

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