Tensei Kenja – 9


I wondered as I looked through my spells.

And then I found a skilled called ‘Sword Summon.’


“Sword Summon.”


I said out loud, as I had just been taught that it was better to do so.

And then…a sword appeared in my hand.


It wasn’t too heavy or too light. It was the perfect weight.

Still, I had never learned how to swing a sword, and so I decided to use ‘Swordsmanship Strengthening’ that had been in the book.


This one would be a little embarrassing if others knew about it, and so I cast it without chanting, well aware that it would be weakened a little.

They hadn’t said anything about not using magic, so I didn’t think I was breaking the rules.


Instructor Regin looked at me with wide eyes.


“…What did you do just now?”


“I made a sword with magic.”


I said with a swing of the blade.

It seemed quite durable.


“A sword with magic? I-I don’t understand… Well, never mind. So you will be using that then?”


“I intend to, yes.”


I hadn’t been able to create a sheath as well, so I wouldn’t be able to put it away, but it could still be used during the test.

That’s what I thought as I watched the others fight and waited for my turn.

As I was a Tamer, my turn would come at the end.


“Alright, you’re first. Come!”




So saying, the first of the swordsmen unsheathed his sword and walked towards the instructor.

It was a real sword, not a practice one. That seemed kind of dangerous…


I had wondered about this, but it turned out to be a groundless fear.

The instructor easily parried the attack and thrust his sword towards the swordsman’s neck.

There was too big a gap in their ability for there to be any danger.


“…You have decent power but inadequate control… Next!”


The next swordsman had a shorter sword.

Unlike the first guy, he was able to trade several blows before finding the instructor’s sword pointed at his neck.

However, he was praised after the fight, and it was clear that you did not have to win in order to pass.


The third one also lost much like the first two…

And then it was finally my turn.

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  1. Late thanks for the chapter
    good translation although again the MC is a complete imbecile
    legend has it he has collapsed in on himself after becoming this dense

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