Tensei Kenja – 144

I Tried Searching for a Cockatrice



“Are there any hunting quests for flying monsters?”


I asked Airia the receptionist after entering the guild.

As I had been talking to her recently about the previous quest, I thought it would be easier.


“Uhh… A flying monster? There is one such quest… But it’s quite dangerous, you know?”


“What kind of monster is it?”


“It’s a Cockatrice. The location is…the Iriarch Death Ravine where you killed the Cannibal Tigre. It is rank C… But the ravine is such a bad place to fight monsters. The overall difficulty is much closer to a B-Rank quest.”


That place…

The footing was indeed terrible, but it’s not like I had any other options.

I would just have to pray that I could befriend it.


However…there was one problem.


“Would I be allowed to tame it if it’s a hunting quest?”


“Tame… Do you mean to tame the Cockatrice!?”


“Yeah. It probably won’t work, but I want to try.”


“Uh…the purpose of a hunting quest is to remove a threatening monster, so it will still be filed as completed if you successfully tame it.”


I see.

So I don’t have to kill it in order to complete the quest.


“Still…you definitely should not be attempting such a thing as taming a Cockatrice. After all, the town will be thrown into a panic if you brought one back…”


“I could just tie it up outside?”


“If you brought a Cockatrice close to the town, they’ll send out an extermination team… It is a great and wild monster with strong poison…”


…I didn’t know it was that dangerous…

Well, perhaps that was what you should expect if you were going to take on a C-Rank monster that could also fly.


From what I was hearing, it did not seem like a monster that was fit for taming.

But if it was my only choice…


“All right. I’ll just accept the quest and see what happens.”


“Pl-please be careful! I know you’ve survived the place before… But that ravine really is dangerous!”


“Yeah. I’ll be wary of my surroundings and retreat if things look bad.”


“Good! …And please be careful that you don’t get poisoned! It will be a great loss to the guild if you are killed!”


She said as she saw me off.


I suppose it would be good to check if I have any anti-poison magic.

Though, I had used magic before to help people in Rikardo who had gotten carbon monoxide poisoning, so I could probably just use that again.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Somehow, I don’t think a cockatrice is a good pet. Too dangerous, too poisonous. Better get a phoenix, or a dragon, they are also good at keeping warm. Tough, poor slimes might need to evolve, else they get fried 😀

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