Tensei Kenja – 144



…An hour later.

I had returned to the spot where the bridge had been destroyed.


‘Are you all ready?’


‘I’m ready!’




I made sure that the Proud Wolf and Slimes were prepared.

We had to be careful in such dangerous territory.


‘Okay, let’s go!’






‘Let’s find it!’


And with that, with all of us on his back, the Proud Wolf began to descend into the ravine.

Then I activated Shared Senses and borrowed the slimes’ vision.


There were many trees in the ravine and it was hard to see.

On top of that, we were moving at a great speed, so human senses were practically useless.

It was times like these that ‘Shared Senses’ were all I had to rely on.


‘Which way should I go!?’


‘Just keep going until you reach the bottom!’




It was likely that most of the monsters were down on the floor of the ravine.

So I was guaranteed to find something if we went down there.

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  1. Ah, the ad revenue. I heard (and read) many times about this drop in this month. Somehow, it should end with just a couple days, up to a month, but… they might get used to paying less, scummy people usually.
    Now then, I wonder what flying monster will they find, and tame. Something else entirely might happen, so let’s wait 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!
    I have no clue anything about ad revenue. I keep the ad block off is the only thing I can say.

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