Tensei Kenja – 67

The Slimes Were Cheap


“…Alright, let’s go then.”


It was the day after I decided to go to Rikardo.

I was leaving Kiria in order to change my base of activity.


My destination was Rikardo, the city that Tina and Lisa had suggested.

I did some research before leaving, and while there were some strong monsters there, it seemed quite stable. It did not seem likely that a very strong monster would suddenly appear.


It also had delicious food and was in a comfortably warm climate, making it a town that should be very nice to live in.


‘Are there any strong monsters around?’




‘It’s fine!’


I called to the slimes regularly to make sure the area was safe. Then I rode on the Proud Wolf and continued on the road to Rikardo.

The town was quite far, and it would take at least half the day even with the Proud Wolf’s legs.

Still, it seemed shorter when you were talking with the slimes.



…And then a few hours passed.

We had stopped to rest in the town of Mariardo, which was on the way.


Rikardo was only about an hour away from here, but as the slimes were hungry, we decided to stop here for a bite to eat.

I was pretty hungry myself, so it was perfect.


‘What do you guys want to eat?”


“Hmmm. Maybe some meat!’




“No! I want fruit!’


While the slimes were all in one clump on my shoulder, their will was not united, and so many voices were saying different things.

Huh…what kind of place did I have to go to if I wanted to fulfill all of their demands?

I wondered this as I walked through the town…


‘Ah, that looks good!’


‘It does!’


The slimes suddenly started to shout as they hopped off of my shoulder.

Then they hopped away and into a nearby patch of grass.


‘Something delicious? Are there fallen fruits or something?”






The slimes were now pointing at…some grass that had grown on the side of the road.

They had been jabbering about meat and fruits only a moment ago. But now they were joyously eating grass(that just looked like weeds to me).


I guess the slimes were pets(?) that were quite cheap to keep.

…Now I had no need to find a place for them to eat, so I could just grab something random for myself.

I could eat a real meal in Rikardo, as Tina and Lisa had recommended. But a little snack here wouldn’t hurt.


As I thought this, a delicious smell wafted around me.

After some searching, I was able to find the source of it.

…It was a food stall that sold skewers of barbecue meat.


The slimes looked like they would be eating for some time, and I couldn’t just leave them here.

And so I decided to buy some food at the stall so I could watch over the slimes as I ate.


“I’ll have two of those.”


“Alright. It’ll be ready soon. Just wait right there.”


I made the order and the owner started skewering the meat and cooking it.

But there was meat to the side that was already cooked and looked delicious…


“Why can’t I just have these ones?”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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