Two Saints – 51

The Day The Monsters Came Out


“Go and stop Maki and Chiharu!”


Grudo shouted. Two guards started to run after them. However…


“Oh, no. Someone is chasing us!”

“Run faster!”


Maki and Chiharu saw that two strangers were chasing them, and so they only started running faster. Then the two guards shouted.


“Lady Maki! Lady Chiharu!”


But their voices did not reach them. That’s when the birdfolk swooped down.


“Sauro! Saikania!”

“Where were you all of this time! We can’t chase after you if we can’t see you!”

“We were caught and–that mansion–and—we’re being chased!”


Maki shouted at Sauro as they ran.


“Tsk. I’m picking you up.”

“Ah, wait! You bird people! Don’t take them away!”


Sauro and Saikania picked Maki and Chiharu up and flew towards the dungeons. In the meantime, Orne and Puel tried to stop the pursuers.


“Stop this! We’re from Midland! Monsters are coming out of the dungeon. Stop Lady Maki and Lady Chiharu!”


The birdfolk were spreading their wings and blocking the way, but they hesitated when they heard these words. Indeed, it would be dangerous for them to be close to monsters. But could they trust these two men?


“Hey. Hahh… What are you doing? Hahhh…”


Grudo had finally caught up with them.


“Sir Grudo. The birdfolk have taken Maki and Chiharu away.”


The guards said.


“Grudo. Are you with them?”


The birdfolk asked.


“Orne, you should remember. They were with us the whole time.”

“I don’t remember.”


He didn’t remember things he wasn’t interested in.


“More importantly, Maki and Chiharu have gone towards the dungeon.”

“Sauro and Saikani took them.”

“Idiots! It’s about to overflow with monsters!”


Grudo shouted in a panic. Then Orne said,


“Grudo. I’ll take you there.”

“We-well, I haven’t flown in a while. But that will be the fastest way. Thank you, Orne.”


Orne picked up Grudo, who was small but heavy, and flew up into the air.


“Ugh… I can never get used to this. Dwarves belong on the ground. I have no idea how humans adapt so…”


Grudo grumbled as they flew away.


Maki and Chiharu were let down in the field in front of the dungeon’s entrance. Sauro and Saikania stayed with them as guards. Adventurers had gathered together in the field.


“Eh? There are children here. Hurry up and go home.”

“But we were trapped in the house. We only just escaped.”

“What? This is such a bad time! Monsters are about to overflow from the dungeon. All the other town residents have locked themselves up in their houses!”

“What of the soldiers?! The soldiers who went in the dungeon?”

“Do you have relatives in there then? They are trying desperately to come back now. Don’t worry, Midland soldiers are very strong.”


Maki and Chiharu were relieved to hear that. Even if the situation was dire, Maki and Chiharu didn’t actually have a house they could go and hide in. And so they preferred to stay here where there were a lot of Midland people.


“Maki! Chiharu!”

“Grudo! Orne!”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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