Tensei Kenja – 67


“You could if you are in a hurry, but freshly cooked meat is the best. And it’s the same price, so might as well eat these.”


“…I see.”


This place really cared about how their food tasted.

I had heard that Rikardo had especially great food, but perhaps its neighbor, Mariardo, was also particular about their food.


Since I wasn’t in a hurry, I decided to wait.


“Yes, it’s ready now.”


“…It looks delicious.”


It didn’t take more than a minute to cook.

And it did look better than the meat that had been sitting out.


It was definitely worth waiting an extra minute for.

I thought this as I paid and accepted the meat.

In spite of looking so delicious, it was not very expensive.


And then I bit into it.

…Hmm. Delicious.

Just the right amount of fat and sauce.


I think it was the best thing I had eaten in this world yet.

It was true then, that the food in this region was great.


And so my expectations for Rikardo only increased.

…Actually, I almost didn’t mind just staying in this town, the food was that good.

But then again, apparently, this town had few requests and was not really suited for Adventurers. So that wasn’t a real option.


I thought about this as I ate the meat and scanned my surroundings. Then, something curious caught my eye.


It was a corner of a general goods store. A mountain of fur coats lay under a sign that read, ‘Restocked after being sold out! Fur coats to fight the cold!’


But it was quite warm around here.

I only needed a single t-shirt.


So there was no way you would need a fur coat.

…And yet they had sold out. What could this mean?


As I pondered over this, I noticed a girl who seemed to work there was staring at me.

And so I decided that I should just ask her why the coats were selling so well now.

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  1. Aha, this smells looks and feels like a plot point, so it mustn’t be ignored. Ok, I admit, I read the manga(it’s a bit more further down the story) 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

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