Tensei Kenja – 169

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Sometime after that.

We met up with the dragon a short distance away from the abandoned mine.


“That was incredible magic. I have lived a long time, but never before have I seen magic with such strength.”


“…Surely there are other Sages who can do it?”


“Hmm. If only Lelior was still alive, then maybe he would have been able to use it one day…”


“This Lelior person might have been able to use it?”


I had never heard that name before.

It seemed like this person was dead now.


“Aye. That was…hundreds of years ago. It might even be a thousand years ago… This human was like you and had two jobs. Sage and Tamer.”


The same combination, huh?

I wonder if this person had also tamed a whole army of slimes.

This was interesting. Maybe I could learn some tips on how to fight.


“What kind of person was he?”


“He wasn’t as strong as you, but still a monster in terms of using magic. Back then, there was no one in the world that did not know the name of Lelior.”


“…What kind of magic did he use?”


“His trump card was Hellfire of Death. I didn’t think anyone else would be able to use that magic, which is strong enough to burn dragons… And yet now, I have found the second person to be able to do it.”


The same magic as me.

I guess it was because we had the same jobs.


“How many times could he use Hellfire of Death?”


“Once, of course. In the first place, it is quite impossible for the human body to endure the stress of using it multiple times…”


The dragon started to say, but then looked towards me—its eyes widened.

Then it asked me hesitantly.


“Surely…you’re not capable of using Hellfire of Death multiple times? You must mean Hellfire of Obliteration?”


“I can only do it twice. But the side-effects are pretty bad, so I prefer not to.”


“It should be bad enough just doing it once… To think that there is a human who can do such a thing. …Of course, I’m not convinced you should be considered a human yet.”


Apparently, it still wasn’t going to treat me as a human.

But I hadn’t been modified in any way. I was 100% human…


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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