Tensei Kenja – 169


In any case, I now had an idea about this Lelior’s fighting style.

It was probably similar to mine. Finish the fight as quickly as possible with strong area attacks.

But his trump card was Hellfire of Death, then there wasn’t much I could learn about my other magic.


“What about as a Tamer?”


“Hmm… He tamed a number of powerful monsters… And the last one he tamed was my very old friend, Berda the Red Dragon.”


“So it’s possible to tame dragons…”


Now that I think of it…taming a dragon would be incredibly useful.

They were flying monsters with incredible speed and I’d have no complaints regarding combat ability.

But unlike Slibird, they would be the absolute worst in terms of secrecy…but they would still be useful in their own way.


Not only that, but with taming, there was the possibility of getting multiple dragons and creating an army.

After all, even my slime army was quite strong.

If I was able to make a dragon army, they would be the strongest.


The problem was finding a friendly dragon that I could communicate with… Well, there was one such dragon right in front of me.

And for the dragon, teaming up with me shouldn’t be a bad idea.

If my slimes were always hiding close to it, then even when the Blue Moon of Salvation attacked it, I could use Magic Transfer to launch a surprise attack.


As I considered all of this, the dragon muttered.


“I know what you are thinking, but it is not a good idea.”


“It’s not a good idea to tame dragons?”


“Yes. I would like to be tamed myself…but I don’t think it’s a good idea.”


The dragon said as it looked down.

It sounded a little sad.


“I suppose there is some reason for that.”


“Aye. …Don’t you know that tamed monsters continue to draw energy from their master? And the amount is proportional to the monster’s strength.”


“…Uh, really?”


I said as I looked towards the slimes.

They looked back with bewildered expressions.

These guys have been consuming my energy…?

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  1. [the monther’s strength] -> {the monster’s strength} ~ me thinks

    Well, since he does feed the slimes, I think he’s fine. Still, the black dragon proves to be a good teacher, of common sense at least. To think an ancient being, that was locked up for who knows how long, is the best teacher of common sense… What can I say(type), lolz.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Just don’t name them and it would be fine…wait wrong novel.

    The dragon is forgetting the fact he multicast a spell that would normally drain a person of mana and still 85 percent full. He could tame dragons…emphasis on plural.

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