Tensei Kenja – 142


“There just happened to be a few hunting quests that finished, and I bought all of the meat from them. …Even the guild has trouble selling so much disgusting meat. So I buy this stuff from them and earn their gratitude. That way, they’re more likely to give me the good meat later on.”


“…But can you really sell off 2,000 kilos of this meat?”


“Of course not. I was going to sell it as fertilizer… So I’m quite thankful I was able to get rid of it as meat.”



So you could use it as fertilizer.


Using meat as fertilizer seemed like a huge waste to me… I guess it showed just how bad the meat was.

Well, the slimes seemed to enjoy it, so I’d be happy as long as I could get it for cheap.


“How much for for those 2,000 kilos?”


“All of it!? …Let me see…if you’ll take all of it, then it should be about 700,000 cicols…but do you really mean it?”


“Yeah. Is this enough?”


I said as I handed him the money.

He looked at it with surprise.


“You must be really rich, mister. …I’d be glad if you’d take it off my hands…but you do realize how much it is, right? Are you sure?”


“Yeah. I have a lot of monsters.”


“…I don’t want to imagine how many… But how will you take it? Do you have a storehouse somewhere?”



I guess 2,000 kilos was enough to need that much storage space.

…Well, it hardly mattered when I had Slime Storage.


“No, I’ll have the slimes carry it. …Just tell me where the meat is kept, and I’ll take it away myself.”




“Yeah. I have a special skill.”


“…Well, just look at my storehouse then. Do you really know how much 2,000 kilos is?”


He said as he gestured for me to follow him.

He was going to take me to the storehouse.

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  1. I wonder if the slimes will be able to just store that meat, and not ‘accidentally’ use the wrong stomach 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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