Tensei Kenja – 82


The slimes moved their small bodies expertly as they advanced through the snowy forest.

They were much slower than the Proud Wolf, but they had decent speed considering their appearance.


They were likely about the same speed as a slowly walking human.

Actually, considering the snow and unstable footing while navigating through the trees…they might have been faster.


That wouldn’t be much use if there was only one, but there were hundreds of them.

And so the search party for the Greedy Boars spread out and covered more and more ground.


‘A monster!’


‘But it’s the wrong one!’


A slime said as it ignored the monster that was not a Greedy Boar.

As I had cast concealment magic on them, they could pass by without being noticed.


While the slimes were great in number, they had practically no combat ability.

So they generally moved without being seen. And when it was necessary, I transferred attack magic to them.


And so I continued to eat my food while supporting them until my second bowl was empty.

While the slimes had helped me finish the first bowl, it was still a lot for one person to eat.

I didn’t think I could go for a third.


“Thank you. That was delicious.”


I said as I got up from my seat and tried to pay for the food.

But the owner wouldn’t accept it.


“I don’t need any money. We wouldn’t have been able to stay open if you hadn’t sold us the firewood.”


…That being said, it seemed wrong to eat such good food and not pay for it.

Besides, I had been compensated very well for the firewood.

Well, I suppose I could just force him to accept the money.


“I’ve already been paid for the firewood. So I’m leaving the money here.”


I said as I put it on the counter.

And then I walked out before he could try to return it to me.


‘I found one!’


‘It’s the enemy!’


Just as I left the restaurant, the slimes started shouting.

Apparently, they had found a Greedy Boar.

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  1. I guess, it’s time for some boar stew, boar steak, and dead boars, lots of dead boars. Those cute round and cuddly slimes are slaughtering monsters, I we like it.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

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