Tensei Kenja – 135


‘Proud Wolf. I’ll be leaving town, so be ready.’




As I prepared to leave, I thought about how I would deal with this situation.

The Blue Moon of Salvation hadn’t completed infiltrated the town yet.


So… I couldn’t exactly use Hellfire of Death to burn the place to the ground.

On the other hand, it was also too dangerous to use the slimes and go about killing them one by one.


During the incident in Rikardo, where it had suddenly become very cold, I had fought in a town called Meshias that had also been overridden by the Blue Moon of Salvation.

Back then…they had a spell that would activate when they all died. It destroyed everything in the area.

If this town had a similar trap here, it would be very dangerous to go around killing them.


…So, perhaps I could do something completely different.


‘I want about 200 of you to scatter around the town…and take turns monitoring the residents. Can you do that?’


I wouldn’t kill anyone. Instead, I would monitor them.

And then…I would be able to find out what their next step was, even if I didn’t do anything.


And if it seemed dangerous, I can leak that information to the guild without them knowing.

The problem was…would the slimes help me…?




‘Will we get meat!?’



They were the same as always.


It appeared that I would have to prepare a great amount of meat in order to maintain this surveillance network.

Well, it was cheap, considering the information I could gain.


‘All right. You can eat as much as you like.’




And with that, the slimes scattered throughout the town.

…Well, I would now have to secure some meat for them to eat.


‘Be careful. I don’t want you to get caught.’




As I said this, the Proud Wolf appeared.

It was time to escape.

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  1. So Yuji considered the nuke it plan too, but that damned group must have considered and applied such a plan first (nuke the town if all members die). Oh well, seems the slimes got a new job, like many other residents, just, they are so much better at spying 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you, take care, and happy holidays!

  2. Eehh just erase those 2 and find some other blue moon cultists to spy on~ or leave town then erase them after for foolproof alibi nyaa~

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