Realist Demon King – 61

The Adventurers Party were in Danger


While we drank our tea, I questioned the boy.


“You look very young, Yuri. How old are you?”


“I am thirteen.”


“That is young.”


“But, I will be fourteen very soon.”


He looked younger than his thirteen years. I had assumed he was twelve at most.


“What caused you to become an Adventurer at such an age?”


“Both of my parents died when I was very young. I was living with my aunt for a while, but she was quite poor.”


“And so you became an Adventurer. Because it is a quick way to earn money.”




He didn’t seem particularly sad about any of it.


“I intend on becoming a great Adventurer so I can be independent. I want to be a strong man who can protect not just my own skin, but my family.”


“That’s very commendable. And I’m sure it will not take you too long.”


“Do you mean it?”


He said with glimmering eyes.


“Of course, I do. Your strength knows no bounds.”


“I’m happy to hear that from a Sorcerer such as yourself!”


He said excitedly. Jeanne teased.


“But I am still stronger.”


She rolled up her sleeves. 

Her arms were about as thin as his.


“Well, you are a Hero. That is quite different. Yuri will surely become a great Adventurer. And when that happens, you should go and visit Demon King Ashtaroth.”


“Demon King…?”


His expression darkened a little.


“Yes, many humans dislike Demon Kings. But the residents of the nearby town are very diverse. And there is not a single slave in the castle.”


“No slaves!? Is that true?”


“It is true.”


“I can’t believe it. What a merciful king…”


“Well, you will understand if you go there. It should be a comfortable place to live in. You can join the army or start your own business. Or you can continue to be an Adventurer. There are even plans to build an Adventurer’s Guild, just like in human cities.”


“That sounds amazing. He must be like a human king.”


I couldn’t say that this was because he was human in a past life. Still, I made the place sound as appealing as possible.

‘I see,’ the boy said with a smile. But then he continued.


“I want to stay in this dungeon for a while and train. I think I will visit this Ashta once I am stronger. Besides, I have a contract with my current party.”


“That is very honest of you. I wouldn’t stay in a dung party like that if I were you.”


Jeanne said rather sensibly, as she sipped her tea.

I thought that the boy would agree, but he just chuckled.


“Oh, but they are actually quite nice.”


“In what way?”


Jeanne enquired.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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