Realist Demon King – 61


“…Uhhh. They actually pay me for my work.”


“Do they ever deduct from it?”


“Huh? How did you know?”


“I had a feeling.”


It seemed that the leader would often find ways to deduct from the boy’s salary.


For instance,

If he couldn’t catch any fish,

Or if he dropped a single chunk of ore,

Apparently, he had never been paid a full salary.


The boy seemed to think he was fortunate that he at least got paid on time, but this was clearly not a great work environment.

I considered having a word with this leader, but the boy stopped me.


“I-I really am fine. This is my personal problem.”


He desperately tried to cover for his employer. I didn’t like it.

But there was nothing to be done.


I thought this as I took another sip of tea. And then I suddenly heard the sound of an explosion far away.

No, it was below us. Underground.

What had happened?

The others all looked at each other in puzzlement, but I had an idea.


I had had a familiar follow Yuri’s party, and so I now had the image appear on a screen.

There they were, they had arrived on the fifth layer and encountered a guardian beast.

The guardian beast of the fifth layer was a creature known as a river horse.

Or Kelpie.

A beast that was half horse and half fish that lived in rivers.

They were very strong beasts, but they shouldn’t have been too strong.

However, the Kelpie here were a little different.

First, they were much larger.


Normally, they were about the size of an average horse. But these were closer to a hippopotamus.


Not only that, but it seemed to have powerful magic. It was unleashing multiple ‘water spheres’ at them.


They seemed to be quite effective against Yuri’s party.

Yuri saw this and screamed the leader’s name.


“Mister Jayce!”


He quickly picked up his things and started to run off.

But he did stop once to bow towards us. Polite as ever.


He then ran off like an escaped rabbit. He was heading to the shortcut to the fifth layer, which was a few hundred meters up ahead.


He would probably meet up with his party within a few minutes.


However, I did not see how they could beat the Kelpie.


Not only would the party die, but so would Yuri.

I thought this as I glanced at Eve, Jeanne and Hanzo.

They all nodded and began to follow me.

We would also go to the fifth layer and save them.

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