Tensei Kenja – 111


“Insanely high! …The colors are so clear and I don’t see any impurities. They don’t come out like this unless you kill them very quickly and immediately remove the stones right after.”


I see.

Doing it quickly helps in maintaining quality.


Indeed, my method would have been a lot quicker than slowly pouring buckets of water over it.

And the slimes had immediately put them in storage before dismembering them.

Ignoring the storage time, it would have been less than 10 minutes.


“You can sure tell a lot from just looking at them.”


“As if I could continue with this job without a good eye for gemstones! …For stones of this quality, I will pay you 100,000 for one!”


100,000 for one. That was double what the guild was paying.

I had expected it to go up a little, but not double.


“…Well, there are 287. How many will you buy?”


“All of them! …Wait one moment!”


He said as he went to the back of the store.

Then he returned with a bag full of gold coins.


“Here’s 28,700,000 cicols. Count them.”


…He had that much cash in his store…

I guess it wasn’t famous for nothing.

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