Tensei Kenja – 73


I thought about this as I inspected the menu.

But I wasn’t sure what to choose.


This was because I had no knowledge of the food in this world.

There was a way around this, though.


—10 minutes later.

The chef had finished adjusting the fire and came to take my order.


“Whatever you recommend.”


“…Alright. Then how does Grilled Angis Cattle with Lishia Leaves sound? Our stews are actually the best, but it would take a while.”


“Yes, I’ll have that.”


While I didn’t understand the menu, this was the store that Tina had recommended. So I couldn’t go wrong with the chef’s choice.

It wasn’t exactly cheap, but it wasn’t expensive either.


“Very well. Wait one moment.”


He looked satisfied with my answer as he returned to the kitchen.

After a while, I heard the sounds of meat sizzling and a delicious smell drifted through the room.

And then the food was brought to my table.


“Here you go.”


The dish that was brought to me looked very simple.  A slab of steak that was covered in shredded vegetables that I had never seen before.

As I was starving by now, I quickly stuffed it into my mouth.


And then…a flavor I had never known before spread over my tongue.

First, the taste of the meat was the strongest.


Next it was the sweetness of the vegetables and just a little sourness.

The meat itself was quite fatty, but the vegetables worked to counteract it and it didn’t feel too oily.


…This was without a doubt the best food I had ever eaten since coming here.

Those meat skewers in Mariardo did not compare to this.


And the chef had said their stews were even better…

Now I had a reason to stay in Rikardo.


It did not take long for me to scrape my plate clean.

I wanted to order another one, but I would probably find it hard to move if I ate too much.


“Thank you. That was delicious. …I’d like to come back to eat your stew next time. When will you be able to make it?”


“With this much firewood, we could do it tomorrow! …Thank you for the firewood.”


Apparently, I could come tomorrow if I wanted more.

I guess I could concentrate on my work as an Adventurer until then.

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  1. Tasty food is a winner. Next would be chopping down a forest and turning it into firewood, in just a couple hours, to save the residents. It’s hard to enjoy food with dead and/or dying people all over the place.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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