Tensei Kenja – 104

Surprisingly Strong Magic


Sometime after that.

I was at the guild and gathering requests to hunt Lesser Fire Dragons.


If I was going to hunt them anyway, I might as well do it as quests so I could rank up and be rewarded.

I didn’t know what the requirements were for ranking up, but doing a lot of quests would surely help.


And so I took the requests to the guild counter.


“I’d like to accept these.”


“Uh…You’re going to hunt this many?”


The receptionist saw the number of requests and looked surprised.

…That being said, all of the ones I had taken had pretty long completion times.

I would have several days to do them, little by little.


As Lesser Fire Dragons were Rank D, I could always just burn them all with Hellfire of Death if I had to.


I could have also just accepted one quest at a time, but it seemed like a hassle to have to return to the guild every time.

And so I might as well do it all together.


“Yeah. I mean, it’s not like these guys are immune to magic, right?”


“Umm… You didn’t know that Lesser Fire Dragons are immune to magic?”



That was an unexpected blunder.


“Immune to magic…for real?”


“Yes. The gemstones give them the protection of very strong magic resistance. Incredibly strong magic might work… But no one has ever used magic to kill them, as far as I have heard.”


That kind of explained why they made good materials for monster armor.

The magic resistance was probably used to strengthen it somehow.

So that’s why monster armor required the gemstones. They were strong against magic.


…However, that would make killing these dragons much harder…


“So you can only kill Lesser Fire Dragons through physical attacks?”


“Most people use water. Physical attacks are quite difficult.”




How could you kill a monster with water?

Drown them?


“Lesser Fire Dragons are very weak to water. Dozens of liters would be enough to kill them… But it is not easy to carry so much water…”


You can kill them by dumping water on them? That sounded easy.


“But that sounds like a walk in the park?”


“…Oh, yes. Every person who is new to hunting them says that. But you do realize that dumping so much water on a dragon is no easy task? You have to fight them at the same time!”


“Just use water magic.”


“It would take a tremendous amount of energy to make that much water. …But yes, if one used all the energy they had, they might be able to kill one dragon…”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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