Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 45

What’s Underneath the Lavender?


The next morning. After helping to make breakfast, Maki and Chiharu watched as the soldiers left. All of them would be going at once on the first day.


“This is a health resort, so you should relax and stay low here.”


Edwy insisted.


“Gromble is a big town, so as royals, we will be treated well by the mayor. And when we’re not, we’ll probably be in the dungeons. But then again…I’d be worried if you weren’t nearby as well…”


Edwy was still being a little tedious.


“Well, we are both seven years older than you. So you shouldn’t worry.”


Maki said. He looked a little crestfallen then.


“I do want to stay close to you, Maki and Chiharu. But as a researcher, I must observe the monsters of the dungeon. I believe that it will benefit you two in the long run. Now you two stay safe.”


Aeris said as he hugged them. The magic stones were being created at a much faster pace ever since they reached Gromble. They could now make two in one day.


“Well, I will stay behind.”

“You proved to be surprisingly worthless, after all. But perhaps you are still better than nothing.”


Aeris said, referring to Grudo’s useless guards. Then he and Edwy left together.


“Ah, well. Maki, I’m surprised at how well you can hold your drink.”


That was all Kaider could say.


“Uh, maybe when we get back, we can see who can drink more.”

“Nope. Drink is meant to be tasted and enjoyed.”

“I see.”

“But there is still a lot that we haven’t tasted together. So let’s drink when we get back.”



I happen to be here too… And I’m just as strong as Maki, you know? Chiharu thought as she watched them and grinned.


“And you Chiharu. Don’t get kidnapped again, alright?”

“Yes, yes. Goodbye Nyran.”


Nyran laughed and brushed the hair away from Chiharu’s face before leaving with Kaider.


“The discrepancy.”

“It’s a gap in prince power.”

“There’s no such thing.”


They started to laugh, as if to try and forget about the loneliness.


“Maki. Chiharu. What are your plans for today?”


Grudo asked.


“We were thinking of taking lunch out with us and seeing the lavender fields.”

“Then I guess I will rest in the inn. You have guards, after all.”

“That’s fine. You can rest. We me be out for a while, as we’re taking food with us.”

“Be careful.”




Maki and Chiharu took some sandwiches and water and went out to the lavender fields. They had a guard follow them from a short distance. They still weren’t used to this kind of thing, and didn’t like it at all. But there was no helping it. And they knew that they should be grateful.


The two of them had once visited Hokkaido together. That’s when they had eaten the lavender ice cream in fact. The tourist site was a farm where beautiful fields of lavender grew over vast hills. They were able to walk through it as the wind blew through the flowers.


Maki and Chiharu talked about their memories there as they walked towards the hill. There had been lavender caramel and lavender cookies. It was always food. But there was also soap, purified water and hand cream as well.


“Oh, it’s a lot closer than I thought.”

“Yes, uh, wait. My perspective is messed up.”



They both looked up at the field in shock. It was as if they were in a jungle.


Was this a field? The lavenders were planted in rows and there were no other plants at all. However, where could they walk? They had been in sunflower mazes that had more obvious paths to walk in. But these lavenders were so tall that neither of them could see ahead.



“Where can we eat…”

“Eat? What are you two talking about!”




Something jumped out from the tall lavender plants.


“Is it a Koro-pok-guru?”

“Those mythical things?”

“How dare you. Well, I don’t know what that is, but it sounds rude.”


It was a dwarf girl.


“I was wondering who it was talking so mindlessly during harvesting season. A couple of humans, huh? That’s unusual!”


She was about 130 cm tall. She wore a dwarven one-piece and a white apron tightly around her waist and carried a basket on her back. Her hands were on her hips now and she looked at them up and down with a glare.


“Tourists? Is that what you are?”

“Uh, we came with the Midland soldiers. We help the cooks.”

“But the soldiers just went off to the dungeons? Did they leave you behind?”

“Yes, they will be fed at the inn.”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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