Jack of all Trades – 184

Enraged Daniela, Intimidated Asagi


The inn that Daniela had found was called the Forest Tree. Being able to wash our clothes had been our only requirement, and this had been the only inn that offered such a service. But not only that, this inn was considered to be a ‘luxury inn.’ Well, I guess it made sense, since they offered such a service. There were no laundromats in this world. And so it was a pretty big deal to be able to wash your clothes.


“This is the place.”



In front of me, there was a pale green building. A five-story inn. I see, they were definitely doing quite well for themselves. Many people seemed to be going in and coming out. It was really a kind of hotel.


We pushed the doors and entered the building. The entrance hall had a high ceiling that went through each floor. The windows on the upper levels allowed the sun to gently shine through and illuminate the place. The paths and stairs that surrounded the open area had an almost mystical quality to it.


I pulled my eyes away from the ceiling and looked at the front. There were low tables and chairs set up where well-dressed guests reclined and relaxed. Some of them furrowed their eyebrows at the sight of me, and I could not blame them. Oh, well. I didn’t like the way that I looked either.


“Let’s hurry up and go.”



Daniela noticed the looks I was getting, and so moved towards the front counter hurriedly. I quickly followed after her.

An employee was statiotioned there and he gave us a good inspection. I understood why, but did he have to be so thorough?


“I’m sorry to bother you, but we would like to get a room.”

“Excuse me, but the thing is…”


“Your clothing is not exactly…”


Oh, were we about to be turned away then…? Yes, I looked like a horrible mess. I was covered in blood that was quickly drying and turning dark. Also, it smelled. That’s why I wanted to get cleaned…


“And we are priced on the higher end…so…”

“Wait a minute.”



Perhaps he thought it would make things easier, but he attempted to turn us away based off of the price. And so Daniela quickly moved forward.


“You would not be attempting to send us away now?”


“Well, what is it?”

“I…I am terribly sorry, but…I must…”


He bowed his head and was just about to beg us to leave, when Daniela’s eyes flashed with the most deadly glare. He was clearly taken aback by this and he shuddered before bowing again.


“I see…well, perhaps I can persuade you to change your mind.”



He lifted his pale face, full of fear.


“This is Asagi. An Adventurer so brilliant that Bordow, the guild master of Spiris gave him an alias. Perhaps you have heard of the incident in Nicora by now? That was Asagi’s doing. He slew the wind dragon that was summoned by the bandit leader. What is your opinion on that?”

“Oh, well I…”

“I thought so. Yes, yes. Well, that is not all. Have you heard of the orcs that attacked the village near Replant? Asagi held that army back by himself and forced them to retreat. He then ambushed their surviving forces in the most incredible fight. How many people would have charged into a rain of arrows? Not many. And yet Asagi was victorious. Perhaps you have a better understanding of the facts now?”

“Uh, yes…yes…”

“Well, if you do, perhaps you will have a more pleasing answer for us this time. What do you think?”

“Yes…uh, sorry about…!”


“I’m terribly sorry to have offended you!”


He bowed so low that he all but disappeared behind the counter. Now I just felt bad for him…

There were even more eyes on us now, but this time I could hear whispers of ‘that’s really Silvergreen…?’ and ‘that beauty must be Lightwind.’ At least the whispers concerning Daniela seemed like compliments.

When the employee resurfaced, he was quite pale.


“Please allow me to escort you to our very best room! And you need not be concerned about expenses!”

“Hmm, do not underestimate us. We are not savages. We shall pay what the room is worth. Asagi, the bag.”

“Uh, yes.”


I shuddered. Daniela didn’t even look at me, she just stretched out her arm in my general direction. I dropped the bag in her hand. This was a little scary.

Daniela took it and opened the flap before shoving her hand inside and pulling out the bag of coins we had received for the wind dragon. Then she returned the bag to me.

I took it and watched along with the employee to see what she would do next. Daniela grabbed a fistful of gold coins and spread them out on the counter. Then she did it again. Five times. 


“I think we shall stay for two weeks. If it is not enough, come to our room later to collect the rest.”

“Uh, it-it is very much enough…”


The pale-faced man bowed politely as he pulled a key from the wall and placed it in front of us.


“It is room 512… The very best room in the building.”

“I see. That is good.”


Daniela said as she snatched the key and turned to face me.


“Let us go, Asagi. Now, take me.”

“Take you…? Oh, what. You’re kidding…”

“I do not wish to walk up five floors at the moment.”


Daniela said with a sulky expression. She probably wanted the others to see that I really was Silvergreen. She was just pretending to be annoyed.


“Usually, I wouldn’t like to make a scene…but as it is your special request…”


I adjusted the bag on my back and then picked Daniela up like a princess. I activated Legs of the Forest Wolf as Daniela threw an arm around my neck. And like that, I leapt into the air, easily reaching the height of the fifth floor. It was just a few steps in the air and I landed safely. Of course, I kept the wind low so as not to disturb any of the other guests.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. If i remember correctly, their room numbers before were 310, 106, 201? Now 512. Maybe it was also an effect of working in a hotel that i always react on those numbers since my workplace got the same room numbers.. haist
    Just like asagi’s habit of cleaning up Hahaha

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