Jack of all Trades – 184


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The room right in front of where we landed was 506, and so we moved along the wall and passed 507 until we reached 512. Here we stopped, and I inserted the key into the door. The room was just at a corner.


I turned the key and pulled the door opened. The smell of wood was the first thing to greet us. It smelled new. I pulled the door open completely and looked at the room.



“It’s huge…”


It was bigger than any room we’d been in before. It reminded me of some celebrity’s mansion. The walls and ceiling were made of wood and looked very new. I wanted to look at all of it slowly, but something immediately attracted my attention. There were stairs in the middle of the room.


“Hey, Daniela. There are stairs. Is there a sixth floor?”

“Well, seeing as this is room 512, perhaps it leads to floor five and a half?”


Such was our stupid conversation as we climbed the stairs. The first thing we saw was a large bed. A really large bed.


“Ah, so we can sleep together again.”

“So you’ll actually let me sleep this time?”


I was genuinely tired, but Daniela’s face had a look of mischief.


We went back down and moved towards the window. As it was the fifth floor, it provided a good view of the whole town. And that is when I noticed something. The roofs in this town called Yukka were all green. But as such uniformity might make buildings indistinguishable, they came in a variety of shapes. One building, which was likely an armor shop, had a roof that was shaped like a shield. The building with the sword-shaped roof was likely a weapon shop. There was even a roof shaped like a shirt. And it wasn’t just one instance of each. I saw that there were more than a few types of sword-shaped roofs.


“This is all very…chaotic.”

“This town has quite a history. But I think it is quite nice that they maintained the scenery as much as they could, while also allowing their creative imagination to run wild.”


That’s true. If you wanted to maintain the scenery, you could not build anything that drew too much attention. And so they kept the roofs all the same color but then varied when it came to shape. And so the buildings still looked unique. It was all very interesting.


I turned around after enjoying the scenery and looked back at the room. There was a bathing room and a toilet by the wall that were separate from each other. I disliked it when they were in the same room, and so this made me very happy.


The carpet was ridiculously soft, and over it was an L-shaped sofa and a beautiful table. This was the relaxation space. On the other side of the room, there was a table and chairs, perhaps for eating.

And as this inn was called the Forest Tree, there were plants and flowers placed in different spots. The flowers all gave off a pleasant fragrance. Very calming. A smell almost as good as Daniela’s.


“It is a fine room.”

“Yeah. All thanks to you.”


We sat down on the sofa and sighed with relief.


“About that…I… People always look down on you, Asagi. This time it really got to me…”

“I really don’t mind that much. But, thank you.”


I moved closer and kissed her. When I pulled away, all the irritation had melted away from her face. But she quickly looked away when she realized this.


“Ah, you must be very tired, Asagi. You should take a bath and then get some rest. I will make sure that your clothes and armor are cleaned.”

“Yeah. Alright, I’ll wash up then.”


I was too tired to argue with her, and so I went to the bathing room and stripped off all of my clothes. When I looked in the mirror, I was still covered in blood. Somehow I had not been injured at all, but the fact that I was covered in someone else’s blood made me want to vomit.


“I have to get this off.”


I muttered as I used the now familiar tools to create hot water. Then I dumped it over my head and scrubbed my skin clean. By the time the last of the blood rushed down the drain, my body was bright red from all the scrubbing.

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  1. This MC does some weird things sometimes, but can anyone explain to me why he doesn’t conjure water, heat it with his weak flame magic, dowse himself liberally until he’s clean, then dispel the water? That has to be well within his control.

  2. “The roofs if this town called Yukka were all green.” -> “The roofs in this town called Yukka were all green.”

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