Jack of all Trades – 185

The Town of Yukka


After healing my fatigue in the bath, I retired to bed to heal my mind as well. It was a way for me to return to being completely healthy and invincible. But these things take time…


“Asagi, get up already.”

“Mmmm… I’m still tired…”

“You have slept enough…”


It was now midday. On our fifth day here. It wasn’t a big deal. I hadn’t rested like this in a while, and so the slothful habits were returning.

Still, knowing about it and doing something about it were two different things. In other words, I had become accustomed to a lifestyle where I did not do much besides roam back and forth from my bed and the living room on the lower floor. Sometimes climbing the steps was too much trouble, and so I used Legs of the Forest Wolf in order to rise up to my bed in order to dive in.


I think it happened on the second day…a man who claimed to be the manager had visited us. He had apparently gone on about how his employee had acted wrongly. I hadn’t heard any of it because I was sleeping.

No one had visited us since then, and the days passed peacefully, at least for me, since I decided to shut myself up in here.


Of course, it was now coming to an end. Daniela was a bit cross.

I clutched the blankets as a show of resistance..


“It’s all the same color out there!”

“You promised that we would go sightseeing!”



I was weak to promises. My grip weakened with my resolve, and the blanket pulled free of my fingers. Daniela rolled it up and held it under her arm. Then she glared at me.


“We are going. But first, do something about that wreck you call your hair.”



And so I begrudgingly got out of bed.


“Sorry. It was just so comfortable that I couldn’t help myself.”

“I understand. This bed. I do not think there is a softer one in all the world.”


Daniela said with a wry grin. The corner of my mouth also twisted into a smile.


“Well, enough about that. Taking me out on a date is also important. Let us go.”

“Yeah. Just let me get ready.”


Daniela had her arms around me, and so I patted and rubbed her on the back until she released me with a look of regret. I gave her a light peck on the cheek before going down to the fifth floor and taking my new clothes out of the hollow bag. I would be all in black today. 






I picked up the clothes and turned around. Daniela was waving at me from floor five and a half. What a weirdo. But cute.


“Yeah, I’m trying.”



I left the oddly meek Daniela and washed myself in the bath before putting on my new clothes. When I looked in the mirror, that pale-faced night shift man was nowhere to be found. Well, I’m sure I still looked really out of place next to Daniela, but that was just me. In any case, I meant to thoroughly enjoy this day with Daniela.


But when I got out of the bathing room, Daniela was not there.


Well, that seemed like a likely enough thing to happen, but it didn’t. She was also wearing her new set of clothes from the White Lily as she stared out of the window. She was wearing the pants today, which accentuated her hips.


“Hmm? Ah, there you are.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Then let us go.”


Daniela headed for the door, and so I grabbed the hollow bag and followed after her. I thanked her as she held the door open for me and then locked it.

When we went down to the entrance, we were predictably subject to much staring. I could tell that Daniela was quite annoyed by it, and so I tapped her on the shoulder and sighed.


“There’s no point in caring, right?”

“Yes, I suppose…”


Besides, on closer inspection, they weren’t the same as the looks of disgust on the first day. It seemed more like curiosity. There was a woman who blushed at the sight of Daniela and a young boy who saw Daniela and ran to go tell his parents. The attention I got was, well, it was also embarrassingly filled with curiosity.


“That little scene must have changed the way they saw us. It was thanks to you.”

“Well…Let us just say that it was then.”


Daniela walked with her arms crossed, but her footsteps seemed a little lighter now.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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