Jack of all Trades – 185


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And so we left the key at the counter and went out to explore the town of Yukka. It would be our first time getting a really close look at it. The scene from the ground was quite different than it was from above.


The two of us walked without a particular destination. The pale green walls were all made of stone. I thought that it must have taken ages to paint all of it.

As we walked and looked at our surroundings, we came out into a large street. It was likely the main street. I thought this because of the delicious smell that came from it. It made you hungry.


“I smell something really good from that store.”

“Do you want to go in?”


Daniela asked. It was pretty obvious from how restless I suddenly became, that I wanted to go very badly.


“Maybe. I am sort of hungry.”

“I thought you would say that.”


Daniela said with a nod as she began to walk ahead. I chuckled and followed after her.



“Have you two empty seats?”

“Aye, take any you like.”


A friendly bearded man seemed to run the place. A place filled with the smell of meat being cooked. It grabbed a hold of me and Daniela and would not let go.

And so of course, we would have to order it.


“We’ll have two of whatever is creating that smell.”

“Hahaha! Oh, but it is not just a smell. The taste is where it is at!”


We could then hear the sound of meat sizzling on a frying pan.


“A duet of meat.”

“Are you ill? Asagi.”


Daniela was worried about my thoughtless mutterings. She was probably worried about my head.


“I’m fine.”

“It did not look that way. What was it you said? A meat duet? I have to assume that your mind has deteriorated significantly…”


She had an expression of deep concern, but I soon noticed a twitch at the corner of her mouth. Oh, was she mocking me?


“Fine. I guess you’re not that hungry then. I’m hungry enough to eat for two.”

“I was wrong. Please forgive me.”


Daniela repented and bowed her head. The power of meat was compelling.


“What is this idiocy. Here. Eat your meat. Meat!”

“Thank you.”


After that, we tore through the dishes in silence.

The thick slice of meat had no sauce, but was hardly simple. It was covered in spices that were almost as strong as the fresh smell of the meat itself. The juices oozed out when I cut out the first piece. Then I opened my mouth wide and deposited the portion within. I knew it the moment the knife slid in, but it was very soft. But cooked through as well. I was mystified as to how it could be like this, but the dripping juices washed away any questions I had.

My plate was empty before I knew it. When I looked up, so was Daniela’s. We both chuckled.


“Mister. We’ll have two more plates!”


Came our duet. And the orchestra of cooking meat recommenced.


  □   □   □   □


“Uhh, I’m stuffed.”

“Ah, I have not eaten so much in a while.”


We said as we took a walk after the meal. We had made an order after that as well, finishing three plates in total each. But meat that soft was kinder on your stomach. Well, it would have been if we stopped on the second plate…maybe.


And so it was with much pain that we walked, but we got used to it over time. I barely noticed the weight in my stomach after a while. When I looked around, most of the passersby were tourists or Adventurers.

This was the closest town to the imperial capital… So it was no wonder there was such a variety of people.

And those bandits had preyed on them…their existence was not to be tolerated. I had calmed down considerably since then, but the scene came back easily whenever I recalled it.


“By the way, weren’t we supposed to get paid our reward money through the guild?”

“Then that should be our next destination.”


We nodded to each other and headed for the road leading to it. Well, it turned out it wasn’t where we thought it was, which resulted in us getting lost…

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  1. I’m on the Petreon, but refuse to read ahead. Did that when I first signed up and because I caught up immediately I had withdrawls for weeks.

    Congratulations on 200

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