Jack of all Trades – 186

Enraged Asagi, Enraged Daniela


It was four o’clock in the afternoon, and the sun was starting to set. Our tourist trip was now at an end, but not before getting we had gotten thoroughly lost. Still, we were now at the guild and waiting in a line to get to the Questions/Other counter. As we were here to collect our reward money, we could have gone to the Reward counter as well, but we had never been asked to collect the money in this way, and I thought Other was a safe bet. Daniela agreed. And if we were wrong, well, we had time.


“You’re up next.”



Said the guild worker, who was a blonde woman with a very laid back manner. Blonde hair was by no means unusual here, but there was something about her that seemed rough…oh, and her ill-fitting uniform was quite open at the collar.


“My face is up here.”

“Uh, sorry.”

“Of course, you are. Now, what can I do for you?”


She casually raised her feet onto the desk.


“Uhh. We were told by a town guard that the reward for hunting bandits would be paid through the guild. But I wasn’t sure which counter to go to.”


I said as I passed her our status cards.


“Oh, uh-huh. Just give me a minute then.”


She took the status cards from me and set them inside of the reading machine in order to print their contents. Her eyes scanned the papers and she sometimes looked up as if to compare me with what she was reading. I felt like I was being appraised.


“Uh, yes. You are Mister Asagi and Miss Daniela. I will bring you the money right now, so please wait close by.”


That was all she said as she returned the status cards before going off somewhere. She had grabbed a quiet looking guild worker on the way and pointed towards her counter, so at least the others who were waiting would not be abandoned for long.


And so we moved away from the counter but remained in sight of it.


“Did you fancy her chest and legs that much, Asagi?”

“I was just surprised at her unusual sense of style.”



Daniela looked at me through narrowed eyes. But I was completely loyal to her. Something might catch my eye now and then, but not my heart.

Still, she was quite unusual indeed… I guess they were different in every region.

Then I looked at the status card and remembered.


“That’s right. Status open.”


  ◇   ◇   ◇   ◇


Name: Asagi Kamiyashiro

Race: Human

Job: Adventurer(Rank: C)


Alias: Silvergreen

LV: 79

HP: 773/773

MP: 738/738

STR: 398  VIT: 393

AGI: 827  DEX: 419

INT: 392  LUK: 38

Skills: Jack of all Trades, Master of None(-), Legs of the Forest Wolf(-), Single-handed Sword(7/10), Shortsword(6/10), Spear(2/10), Bow(2/10), Greatsword(6/10), Presence Detection(7/10), Night Eyes(4/10)


Magic: Ice Magic(8/10), Water Magic(7/10), Fire Magic(2/10)


Quests: None


Party: Daniela Villesilf


Equipment: Armor

                   Head – None

                   Torso – None

                   Arms – None

                   Legs – None

                   Feet – Accel Panther Boots

                   Weapons – None



                   Clothes – Bewitching Black Cotton Shirt

                                   Taunting Black Caterpillar Trousers



                   Accessories – None


  ◇   ◇   ◇   ◇




It had been a while since I last checked my status. I had always had decent DEX, and this seemed to have affected my skill with the great sword, which had gone up from 2 to 6. Yes, I quite liked the great sword now. My strength, muscle and magic had gone up. I had ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ to thank for that, I think. 

Alright now. Since I was the type of person who preferred to raise their stats up to be average, I was satisfied with where I was with the great sword. The next weapon I would use was…



“What are you thinking?”


I told Daniela that I was trying to decide which weapon to use next, and then she began to search in my bag. I was watching from behind and could not see what it was at first.


“Why not this?”

“Hmm? Oh, that.”


It was the spear I had taken from the lord of the swamp. I had forgotten about it. I was mostly considering a bow or a spear, and so this made my decision easy.


Just as I made my decision, someone stood in front of me. Had the money been prepared for us?


“Hey, got a minute?”



I looked up to see an unfamiliar Adventurer.


“I’ve seen that spear before.”

“Ah, is that right?”

“That belonged to Aeneus, an Adventurer who was quite famous in this town.”

“Really? But it was in the hands of the lord of the swamp.”

“Do you have any proof?”


I did not. We hadn’t even gone back to collect the fins. Well, it was actually that I was dead tired and had forgotten to do it. And Daniela had slept. Besides, it had started raining as soon as we began to walk, and so all thoughts of fins had been lost in oblivion.


“No. But it’s obvious enough if you go to the swamp. There is no lord there anymore.”

“That can hardly be considered proof. I really looked up to that man. You should give that to me. An outsider such as yourself should not be allowed to carry such a weapon.”
“Eh? You can look up to whoever you want, but that doesn’t give you a claim to anything. Now get lost. Or do you want to see what happens when you don’t?”


Arrogance. Tyranny. I realized recently that you had to meet such Adventurers with the same attitude that they displayed. I did nothing but apologize when I was a store clerk, but I was now a real working man who lived under the light of the sun. I had to protect my position.


“You little shit… You killed Aeneus and stole it. Didn’t you!?”



Was this guy stupid? Why would I do that!


“Everyone! I finally know why Aeneus suddenly disappeared! This guy murdered him! Look! He has his spear!!”

“Wa-wait. You damn bastard. Are you kidding me!!”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. “It was four o’clock in the afternoon, and the sun was starting to set. Our tourist trip was now at an end, but not before getting we had gotten thoroughly lost.”
    – The last part of this sentence is awkward. It should be “Our tourist trip was now at an end, but not before getting thoroughly lost.” or “Our tourist trip was now at an end, bit we had gotten thoroughly lost.”

    Thanks for the chapter.

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