Jack of all Trades – 186


Other Adventurers who had been watching this exchange now stood up and approached us.

Well, well, well…something was about to happen…


“Daniela. What do you think?”

“We cannot avoid making a scene, it seems… But I will tell you this. I am very annoyed by this accusation. I say we knock them off their feet.”

“Heh. It is you who will go flying. For what you did to Aeneus…”


The Adventurers cracked their knuckles menacingly. They were also fully armored and ready. Probably just returned from a quest.

On the other hand, we were just on a detour during a date. I was in ordinary clothes that were not even made of monster materials. Though, Miss Turia had said they were woven from thread that was made of some animal and plant that were quite rare.


The Adventurers kept flocking around us. It was nice and all that this Aeneus person was well-loved, but I was a little annoyed at him over this predicament now.


“This is the guy who killed Aeneus?”

“That is his spear! I’ve seen it before!”

“And he looks like such a coward. I bet he stabbed him right in the back.”

“How dare you…!”

“She must have helped him! Let’s beat them both!”


My emotions had already been running high, but now I snapped. I really only had a talent for speed, and so I had to use it in battle. If people wanted to call it cowardice, fine. I could accept that.

But Daniela had nothing to do with it. Daniela was so beautiful, strong, cool, cute, and a big eater… And they wanted to beat her?


“Alright guys…you’re all dead!!”


Now fully enraged, I took the initiative and kicked upwards into the jaw of the man who stood right in front of me. Blood sprayed from his open mouth. I ignored him and then slammed my foot into the guy who had threatened to beat Daniela.



“Get them!”


While late, the other Adventurers finally raised their fists and began to throw them at us. I dodged the first attack and countered with a kick. But I let my guard down in the next moment, and a fist took me square in the back. My face hit the floor.


“Damn you!”



Daniela’s leg shot out like a whip, causing one Adventurer to sink to the ground. Then she followed with another kick to the guy who had punched me.


“Why are you doing this!”

“Like I said, you killed Aeneus! You deserve to die!”

“The hell!? I’ve told you, we didn’t kill him!!”


My fist slammed into the stupid bastard’s face, sending him flying into the air.


As the fight continued, I could see that reinforcements were coming. Those who had been spectators were now joining the fray. This was so stupid. Did they think this was some kind of festival?

And so the fight spread. I was hit, and I hit back. I was kicked as I kicked others off of their feet.

But any who attacked Daniela were my main priority.


“Hhhh…haahh…damned idiots…”


I spat blood on the floor and wiped at my lips.


Unconscious or groaning Adventurers lay at our feet after having been taken down.

Now no one was walking over them in order to reach us.


“What the…these two are ridiculously strong…”

“That’s how they killed Aeneus!”

“I told you, we didn’t kill him. How many times do you idiots have to hear it…!”


Their stubborness was making even angrier.


“So. Who wants to be next…?”


I took a step forward, ignoring the groan of the Adventurer I stepped on.


“I won’t be so merciful to the next guy.”


I raised my foot and enveloped it with silver and green wind. The part under my foot began to chip away at the armor of the Adventurer under it. Suddenly, the rest of them gasped in realization.


“Hey, that…”

“Silver and green wind…it can’t…”

“Shit… Oh, shit…!”


The many lies and rumors of us seemed to send the worst possibilities into their minds now. I had always been annoyed by them, but it suddenly seemed to our advantage now. If it would make them stop, then I would accept it.


“Bah. What he’s saying is the truth.”


A cheerful voice sounded, cutting through the air like a knife. It sounded like someone was enjoying themselves.


“See here? It’s the lord of the swamp that he killed.”


And then something was thrown heavily to the ground. Everyone’s eyes moved towards it. Of course, that included me and Daniela.


“The sahuagin are monsters who fight with spears. And as a spear-wielder myself, I wanted to fight them. But uh, I was taken by surprise and my spear was stolen.”


The speaker pushed his way through the crowd as he advanced. He sounded like he was saying that he was the owner of the spear…


“You… You’re the guy who passed by us on the road.”

“Well, I was only going in that direction in order to wait for the lord of the swamp to come out. I wasn’t exactly traveling anywhere.”


The man said with an amused smile. Yes, it was the man we met on the road through the swamp.

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  1. They should be punished to community works for wrecking the guild. All of the adventurers. Or the would just easily fighting a lot

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