Jack of all Trades – 187

Party Animal(Not)


“I was in that swamp so I could face the lord there. And to get my spear back.”


Aeneus, the intruder, said as he kicked the swamp lord’s head across the floor.


“I don’t remember who it was who first started to call me Aeneus the Trident. But I have grown fond of the name. It would be rather humiliating to have the sahuagin lord steal my spear…”

“Is that why you never returned to the town? You were waiting in the swamp?”

“Haha. Yes, that is right. That spear was my brother’s, you see. So it wasn’t just because of my nickname that I wanted to get it back.”


Aeneus glanced behind me at the spear that was leaning against the wall…the three-pronged spear.


“I see. If that is your reason, then I will return it to you. We had only picked it up. I think it’s only right to return it if the owner has appeared.”


I said as I picked it up and handed it to Aeneus. He caressed it lovingly and held it against his chest.


“Thank you, Asagi. It means a lot to me.”

“It’s nothing. I didn’t pick it up to save it.”


I just took what the boss sahuagin had dropped. Well, I had thought that it was a good spear.


“That may be. But it has always been important to me to repay a debt.”


Aeneus said, then he turned to look at the spectators.


“You all heard him. This was all a tragic misunderstanding. But now you know the truth about Asagi and I have my trident back. So, why are you still surrounding them?”


Aeneus had a tone that was admonishing and left no room for argument.


“Yes…he back fine after all…”

“Uh, sorry…”


And with that, the Adventurers all apologized and then walked away. As for me, I still felt like I wanted to throw a few more punches. They had threatened to beat Daniela, and the others had agreed. I wanted to beat them all into the dirt.


“Asagi. It is enough that you feel that way.”

“…Am I that easy to read?”

“Aye. I can see that you will never forgive them.”


She chuckled and then squeezed my hand before releasing it. One by one, her fingers untangled.


“See, Asagi. Your pretty hands are red.”



My fists had clenched so hard that my nails had dug into my flesh and was drawing blood. 


“So, what were we doing here again?”

“…Right. We came to get our money.”

“Exaaaactly. Please refrain from making such a scene in the future.”



The guild worker had appeared next to us out of nowhere and was holding what looked to be a hefty leather pouch.


“Mister Asagi. You’re as strong as they say. And you know, I have a thing for strong men. Are you free tonight?”

“Sorry. I’ll just take the compliment and the money, if that’s alright.”



She did not bother to hide her irritation, but quickly forced a smile and dropped the pouch into my open hand.


“Oh, Asagi? Do you really need to accept the compliment as well?”

“Uh, well, shouldn’t I?”

“I can offer much more than compliments.”

“What are you…”

“Well, this awkward situation has nothing to do with me.”


While all four of us were standing there, Aeneus looked disinterested. This had all started because he lost his spear to the sahuagin. And then he refused to return to town because he was embarrassed…


“Now don’t make that face, Asagi.”

“You know, a lot of this is actually your fault.”

“And I am terribly sorry. I know. I will buy you dinner as an apology.”

“Ah, it is about time for that. Let us go, Asagi.”

“You’re really going to let him off that easily…”


Daniela began to walk away the moment she heard the word ‘dinner.’


“Do you want to come too, Nanaya?”

“Oh, do you mean it? Yes, yes!”


Aeneus invited the guild worker as well. If he was going to pay for everything, then I wouldn’t complain.


“Alright, then let’s go Mister Asagi.”

“Don’t grab my arm. Stop pressing your chest against me. And stop trying to touch my thighs.”

“Asagi. We will talk about this later.”



And like that, the incident at the Yukka guild came to a close and Asagi, the party animal was sandwiched between Daniela and Nanaya while Aeneus led them with a big grin. And the four of them soon found themselves in a bar that the locals had recommended.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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