Jack of all Trades – 187


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It was loud.


Very loud.


“Asagi, Asagi…this trident really was important to me…ohh…I don’t know what I would…”

“Ahahaha! Mister Asagi! Look! Ahahaha! It’s the Adventurer you beat up!!”

“Miss Nanaya…please stop that…”

“Eh? You caused all that ruckus and now you want to lie low? Are you kidding me? Maybe I should strip you of your license?”

“You wouldn’t dare…”

“Glug-glug… Gulp. Hmm? Is there any more? Waiter!”


It was incredibly loud… I had assumed that we would find a quiet place where we could sip some beer and nibble on some food… But this was like some obnoxious college party.


“Hey, are you listening to me? Asagi?”

“Yes, yes, I’m listening… Haven’t you drunk enough?”

“Not at all… gggg…I am celebrating the return of my trident…”


Is he falling asleep…?


“Hey, hey. Mister Asagi. Hey.”


“I’m getting tired. Do you want to get out of here?”




This guild worker…was scary…


“Asagi, this is really good.”

“Hm? Let me see…hmm…mmm…ggg…yeah, it is. I like it.”


I ate the thing that was some kind of roll that Daniela offered. It was filled with meat that was both sweet and spicy. The outside was also chewy and delicious.


“Waiter! I’ll have thirty more of these to take back with us.”


They were so delicious that I had to buy more for my hollow bag storage. What? Our money was starting to pile up anyway. And it wasn’t a good journey around the world if you didn’t eat good food. Well, I would still save money where I could.


I looked around us again. This bar was called the Flower Lantern. It had low tables where people sat on the floor. It was surprising that there were places here that required you to take off your shoes, but Nanaya said that it was just a unique rule here.


Next to us, behind a partition, were some of the Adventurers who had attacked us earlier. In fact it was the first group who had approached us and started the fight. I couldn’t help but glare at them, but they seemed to have lost the will to engage us and avoided our eyes for the most part. However, Nanaya was quite drunk by now, and so she just had to bring it up.


Aeneus was one of those crying types. The types who get sentimental and very annoying when they get drunk. And he had continued to drone on about how special the trident was to him. 


But other then that, the food and drink were wonderful. Especially the spicy rolls I had just eaten. I looked at their menu and saw that they were also open during lunch hours, and so I decided that it would be nice to come back with Daniela some other time. 


“Haaaa… But really, I’m glad you are so strong, Mister Asagi. I don’t think anyone else would have been able to deal with all that.”


Nanaya said in a very relaxed mood. Her clothing was maybe too relaxed, and I found it hard to look in her direction.


“Wouldn’t the guild master come out if it was necessary?”

“Oh. Well, the guild master uses magic…”


That might complicate things.


“I think the whole building would blow up in the process.”

“Oh, that’s what you mean…”


Blowing up the whole building, eh? …This guild master was clearly dangerous.


“Well, don’t get me wrong, the master’s a good person. And cute.”

“Cute? A she perhaps?”

“Oh, no. A boy.”

“A boy. As the guild master? This empire…”

“Hmm? Ah…yes, this is part of the empire.”


There were people in this world who were just incredibly gifted from birth… Something I knew nothing about.


I looked around me again. Aeneus was talking to the other Adventurers. Telling them how precious his trident was. Nanaya just stared and smiled at me. Daniela watched me from the side and ate her food.

Sometimes she would glare.


It was quite loud indeed. But sometimes, I didn’t quite mind this atmosphere. That’s what I thought as I drained what was left of my cup.

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  1. What!?
    No compensation money for those accusations and attack!?
    If it were me i’ll made them bow And apologise to daniella with their head on the ground…

  2. Here we have one man in the middle of a drunkard mess. Unfortunately, he himself get so drunk as it would cause future repercussions. This party animal(not) watches as the rest go wild with their minds.

    Thanks for the chapter,

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