Tensei Kenja – 37

I Used It Again




‘Yuji. Are you sure?’


The slimes seemed worried about me.

However, using ‘Hellfire of Death’ once more here seemed like it would be the most effective way to ensure that we win.


Obviously, I could always just leave these people and run—but I had no intention of doing that.


‘I’m fine. …But I may not be able to use magic and support you anymore. So I want you all to come down from the wall after I use Hellfire of Death, and gather around me.’




We’d find out if I would really be alright after I try it.

I still had more than half of my HP left, but there would likely be even more damage to it, now that I would be using magic without MP.


But there was no time to hesitate.

The remaining monsters were already gathering around. If I waited any longer, the temperature around us would drop and the power of the second blast would decrease.


‘Alright, here goes!’


I declared. And then I chanted without waiting for the slimes to reply.


“…Hellfire of Death!”


When I finished chanting, I could feel the MP drain from me all at once, and I grew dizzy.

And then without being able to see the results of the fight, I lost consciousness.



‘Yuji. Are you okay?’


‘He seems to be alive…but he won’t wake up…’


I could hear the voices of the slimes.

Why were they worried about my life…


And then I remembered what had happened.

And so I got up and asked the slimes,


‘How long was I sleeping? What happened to the town?’


I had been unconscious.

I even wondered if I was really alive, and so I checked my status…


Job: Tamer, Sage

Skills: Taming, Light Magic, Shadow Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Thunder Magic, Wind Magic, Time-space Magic, Special Magic, Great Magic, Familiar Magic, Support Magic, Altering Magic, Ultra Combat Arts.

Attributes: None

HP: 53/702

MP: -421261/1820

Abnormality: Overuse of magic



Hmm. I was just barely alive then.

My head really hurt. Perhaps I had hit it when I fainted. I could also feel pain all over my body.


‘Uh… You were asleep for about 5 minutes, Yuji!’


‘There are slimes over there too, so you should go and look!’


Apparently, I had not been out for that long.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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