Tensei Kenja – 37


I thought about it as I reactivated ‘Shared Senses.’

It was times like this that I was very thankful that it didn’t use MP.


And then, the sight that I saw was—of a few dozen surviving monsters and the Adventurers who were fighting them.

Everything around the town had been burned down, but the town itself was safe.


It was clear that my help was not needed on the battlefield now.

The rest of the monsters were slaughtered in no time as I watched.


After that, the Adventurers continued to search the area for any monsters they might have missed, but that too did not take long. (Hellfire of Death had flattened the landscape and made it easy to see far away.)

When they were finished searching, the Adventurers left a few people to keep watch and the rest returned to the town… They started looking around.


It was as if they were searching for something.

Then my eyes met one of them.


And then he shouted.


“There’s Yuji! He’s safe!”


…Oh, so they were looking for me.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! There’s a mistake in this line
    Apparently, I *have* not been out for that long.
    Apparently, I haven’t been out for that long.

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