Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 45


Perhaps the girl liked that her face was closer to her level, because she only talked to Chiharu.


“So is that why you’re so idle? Oh, that’s not it!”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You’re all out of work, aren’t you? What about pay? Are you paid daily?”


Chiharu was taken aback. This girl kept pushing and pushing.


“Yes, every day.”

“Then that means!!”


The girl thrust out her finger and pointed at them.


“You two are unemployed!”


Oh. Well, now that she mentioned it…uh… Unemployed… They were supposed to be Saintesses. They even made magic stones.


The girl grinned at them.


“Then I shall tell you something very useful.”


Huh? To us unemployed people?


“It happens to be harvesting season now, but we don’t have enough hands. If you help us, we’ll pay you 5,000 gil a day. What do you think?”

“Uh, but…”

“You two are rather tall. And since we are just harvesting the flowers, I don’t see why we shouldn’t use your height to our advantage.”


Indeed, someone as short as her would not be able to reach them.


But… They had come all this way here to relax. But the girl continued.


“Of course, it includes lunch. We’re all going to gather together and cook some meat.”


Meat! Maki and Chiharu’s faces changed instantly. The girl laughed in triumph.


“You’re still growing, after all. Also, we have snack time in the morning and afternoon.”

“We’ll do it!”

“We’ll do it!”

“Yes! Employees acquired!”


And so Maki and Chiharu were led away by the Koro-pok-guru, no, dwarf girl, and disappeared into the lavender jungle. The guard had no time to stop them.


On the other hand, the Midland team were currently moving through the town of Gromble. The Adventurers who watched them did not seem very welcoming to the soldiers. But why?


This was because, the fact that there were more monsters now meant that they didn’t have to go in very deep in order to acquire magic stones. But what if monsters started to come out of the dungeons? Well, they would just make as much money as they could and then escape Gromble when it became too dangerous.


The inns didn’t mind. They got more customers this way. However, the soldiers did not go out shopping or use money. Would they even sell the stones to the town? People wondered about these things, and so many of them were not too happy about this visit.


Monsters overflowing? That had never happened before. What had the country been thinking? Inviting all of these people.


“I don’t like the feel of this.”

“It must be an effect of the miasma.”

“It makes you only able to think about yourself.”


The miasma made your emotions run wild. It meant more fighting. Not only that, the miasma increased your own greed.


“I don’t remember it being like this before.”

“We’re not even that far from the health resort, but it’s completely different.”

“It really is.”


It was a good thing that Maki and Chiharu were left behind. This would clearly not be an easy job like back in Shiel. That is what the three princes thought.

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