Ryusousha – 9


With Conrant in the lead, I entered the dormitory.


“It’s very quiet here.”

There didn’t seem to be anyone around.


“Yes, we are in the middle of an extended break, so there are hardly any students here. Only the newly arrived students are present.”

“Is that right?”


“The new second-year students are participating in a military exercise. They will not be back for several days.”


The dragon welcoming ceremony took place immediately on the first month of the new year.

A dragon would come out of the Holy Dragon Gate, which was to the northeast of the city.


We were currently in early March.

The second-years were probably getting used to their dragons by now.


“Mister Leon. Your room is on the second floor. It’s the first on the left after turning the corner.”

“Thank you. …Uh, is there anything I need to be careful about, now that I live here?”


“The dining hall will not be open until the academy is officially open. You can either buy food from the school store or eat out in the city.”


“So, I’ll be able to eat in the dining hall when school starts?”


“You can eat breakfast and dinner there, yes. Most people will buy their lunch at the school store or bring some preserved food with them. You can also go out if you wish.”

“Out of the school? I’m surprised at how relaxed things are. I assumed we’d be forbidden from leaving.”


“Yes, there is freedom in that respect. …Regardless, you will draw a lot of attention in your uniform.”



That was true.

Wandering around in the area after recess would draw a lot of attention.


So I doubted many people did that.

You never knew who was watching.


“As for the building, the bathing room is on the first floor. There are different ones for men and women, so please make you go to the right one. The third floor is for female students only. So be careful.”


“I see. So I only need to be on the first and second floor.”

“Yes. Please call me if you need anything. I will be in the caretaker’s office on the first floor.”


Conrant bowed his head and left.


He seemed awfully humble for a caretaker.


“Six rooms on each side, huh.”

Twelve rooms. Were these all of the male students of the Dragon Academy?


There were four beds in the room and two of them were being used.


“If there are twelve rooms in all and each housed 4 students, that meant there could be up to 48 people here.”

Though, I had heard that about 30 boys and girls got the dragon mark every year.


“So, you get a bed and a desk for yourself. Judging by the way the belongings are placed, these students are likely second-years. The ones who are out training.”


Did that mean they put two first-years and two second-years in each room?


“Will someone else come, or will it just be the three of us…? Well, I’ll find out soon enough.”

I quickly put my belongings down and quietly slipped out of the second-floor window.


I wanted to explore the neighborhood.

I needed a grasp on the area around the school at the very least.


And so I landed in the garden and started to walk in the direction that interested me.

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  1. Erm, it’s very plain, and boring. Sadly, I don’t think I can keep reading for long, since the story can’t grab my attention at all so far. Hope some interesting bits are next.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • Thanks. It has good reviews and is actually finished unlike some other series. I expect a fun and unpredictable story once the introductory stuff is finished.

  2. Is it just me who is like: he just slipped out of a second floor window so casually? Is he not worried about people seeing him or anything?

  3. I’m liking this more than Flowers 🌺 so far. Better build up, seems to be creating a depth of setting.

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