Ryusousha – 51

Chapter 51


“This principal just happened to be the devil incarnate.”

She muttered a little sadly.


“This is unprecedented! You have tarnished the reputation of this school! He shouted angrily. I wanted to defend myself, but after everything I had done, there wasn’t a lot that I could say.”


She had been shouted at for hours.

Of course, from what I heard, she deserved it.


“And so I was suspended. For half a year, I am to be banned from participating in any activities that are related to the Dragon Academy. And the suspension started on the first day of the year. In other words, I wasn’t even able to attend the dragon welcoming ceremony. Well, no one wanted to choose me after that great fight, anyway. But I wasn’t even able to attend the recent opening ceremony or this gathering. Though, it’s very possible that my reputation has spread too far, and it wouldn’t matter even if I could attend.”


Rosanna let out a deep sigh.

Looking at her now, she seemed like a tired housewife.


“What happened to the person you fought with?”


“She received the same punishment, but she’s not here anymore.”



“No. Unsurprisingly, her parents were so angry that they called her back. She had no chances of getting a Patron now, and was not likely to make any good friends. They probably thought it would be better for her to return and get married instead of wasting her time here.”


Would the scandal have been forever attached to the diploma?

It was something so valuable, that she’d only have to wait one year to get. Did it have to be given up?


“But you didn’t leave, Miss Rosanna.”


“Oh, it was quite the opposite for me. They told me that I dare not return. I don’t know if they’ll even let me return after I graduate. I’ve likely been disinherited.”

That seemed very extreme.


It would have taken so much hard work just to get in this school. And now her family was cutting her off. She certainly lived an eventful life.


“So, that’s why I skipped class. I don’t care if they extend my suspension anymore.”

That was her view of the future.


“Well, I came here because I had a feeling that someone would be here. I’m guessing that it means you have no reason to appear in the gathering?”


“Yes, I already decided on a Patron, thanks to my father’s connections.”

Baran said frankly.

“You said you’re from here, didn’t you?”


“Well, it can’t be helped. And what about you?”


“I-I… My husband to be is going to be my patron…so I won’t be needing one.”


Suni started off hesitantly…but sounded very clear when she was finished.

Was she scared of her?


“Is he a nobleman? Or maybe someone related to the lord?”

“He, he is the lord’s son.”


“Oh, my. That’s quite a catch. Good for you.”

“Th-thank you.”


Yes, she was shaking.

Perhaps Miss Rosanna looked like a giant snake to her.


She was opening her mouth wide and hissing menacingly as lightning struck from behind.


“And what about you?”

And her attention now moved towards me.


“I’m undecided.”

Her eyes lit up.


“In other words, you are free?”

“I slipped out of there in order to escape this kind of campaigning.”


“Still, you must choose eventually. Besides, the longer you wait, the worse such campaigning will become.”


“That’s true. I…I do have someone in mind. I think? Well, I haven’t made the decision at all. But regardless, this person did want me to leave the gathering after the initial introduction.”


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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