Ryusousha – 58

Chapter 58


The second gathering would take place before we departed.

As Linda was going to participate this time, she didn’t say anything.

Apparently, she won the lottery.


“Speaking of Linda. …She and Rosanna haven’t even settled the score yet.”


Ark had befriended a number of female Royal Academy students, and according to them, the feud between Linda and Rosanna was attracting a lot of attention.


Having rumors spread about you among a group of 1,500 students seemed like a huge deal.

If I was being honest, the idea of having a gathering in such a situation was not something I was looking forward to.


That being said, the day had arrived, and so there was nothing to do but accept my fate.


This time, the gathering would take place in a large garden.

There was a terrace and the food was served on the tables so people could eat while standing.

But we were not allowed to move from the tables we were assigned. It was the students of the Royal Academy who moved from table to table to meet with us.


The tables were large, and five First-Years were assigned to it, along with about thirty Royal Academy students.

That was a lot of people.


“Oh, I was wondering who that was. It’s the infamous Lady Rosanna.”


“Really. What happened to her suspension?”

“More importantly, everyone. Shouldn’t we be wary of flying plates and glasses?”


“Oh, indeed. Take one step near to her and all kinds of tableware will come flying your way.”

“And that’s not all. I hear that she will pull, scratch, and bite anyone who tries to intervene…”


“Oh, my. Where did such a beast come from?”

“And she has no shame about her actions. So no amount of warnings will do any good.”


Such was the conversation that erupted once Rosanna came to our table.

I could tell by their exasperated expressions, that they were not happy.


Was this happening at every table? Did they have nothing better to do?

It all felt excessive, and so I was about to speak up, but then Rosanna stopped me with her eyes.


She didn’t want to cause any trouble.

I thought they would quiet down after a while, but they didn’t stop until it was time to change tables again.


“…What was that?”


Had they just come to step on people’s toes? It’s not like they were appealing to anyone.

If that was their purpose, then it was a great waste of time.


“Hey. She came, didn’t she?”

After the two more groups, Linda finally arrived at our table.


“Do you mean Rosanna?”



That’s when I remembered that they were apparently fighting every day.


“Have you ever seen anything more infuriating?”

Linda said angrily.


“Really? I thought she was being very reserved today?”

“Exactly. When she won the lottery for the gathering, she was told very strictly by the instructors that she is to not cause any trouble.”


I see. As she had a history of causing trouble, they had to be cautious.


“So, what’s the problem?”

I didn’t think it was necessary to be so hostile to her.


“That’s not it. I’m talking about the others. Classless doesn’t even begin to describe them!”


Linda was talking about the students who had been talking about Rosanna.

Now, that was a surprise.


“I heard you were fighting with her.”

“I am. But what use is it to constantly bring up something that’s in the past?”


She had been allowed to participate in this gathering. That meant her suspension was over.

I could understand not forgetting, but what was the point in continuing to bring it up so obsessively?


Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai

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