Ryusousha – 19



“The ceremony involves calling dragons from the Holy Dragon Gate. And only people with special permission are allowed to get close to the gate.”


“Of course. It’s not like anyone can go there.’

“Yes. In other words, the Dragon Valley, where the gate is, is hidden from the eyes of the people. So, no one would know if someone acquired a dragon secretly.”


“That’s preposterous. You’re not making any sense.”


“Is that what you think? There are 2,000 Dragon Masters in Ryukoku. As there are about 30 new ones every year, the math checks out. Dragon Masters tend to live pretty long, after all.”


“I heard that they heal quickly or don’t get sick. But they live long as well?”


“There are lots of Dragon Masters who are over 80 years old and still working. Maybe avoiding sickness and injuries allows them to live so long.”

“You may be right.”


“I’m from Hyuler, and to the north of the town, there is a place that we’re forbidden from entering. Can you guess why?”


Because of the Shadow Moon Road. No one goes north of there.

Oh, I see.


“The Old Capital.”


“Yes. However, I’ve seen it many times. Groups of dragons flying towards the Old Capital.”

“Well, they probably went to fight the Moon Beasts who fell onto the Shadow Moon Road.”


“That is possible, yes. That was likely the case some of the time. However, it was strange that they were always headed in the same exact direction.”

“In other words, you think there are Dragon Masters in the Old Capital? In such a dangerous place?”


“People are forbidden from going there in order to prevent any robbery. But who knows.”

“But, why would they need to hide?”


“It has nothing to do with the Moon Beasts, I’m sure. And I can only think of one reason that you would hide your fighting force.”


Ark laughed knowingly.

I could only think of one reason myself.


You would hide from people who were intelligent.

Not Moon Beasts.


As for an intelligent opponent on this continent…





I muttered. Ark didn’t agree or deny it.

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