Two Saints – 72

Is a Sea Snake a Fish?


While they were a little surprised by it all, the group made their way to the river cottages where they could hear the murmur of the water. The cool wind blew in from the windows in a most delightful way.


“There were also places where you could eat over a river, but I never got to go to any of them.”


Said Chiharu, who was especially happy.


“However, you can’t choose from a menu here. It’s all boiled fish. Can you eat fish, Maki, and Chiharu?”

“Of course, they can. I saw them hogging down fried fish before.”


Kaider said. While it was true, he could have used different words. But the food arrived before they could complain.




Each person was served a large soup bowl with a lid over it. Then a basket of sliced bread was placed in the center of the table. Then the waiter pulled the lids off of their bowls and the fumes and the smell of spices filled the air.


A large, white fish was in the center of the soup bowl as it peeked out from the golden soup. There were also black clams that they remembered eating back at the castle. But what was the yellow, long thing?


“Ah, the yellow stuff. That was scraped off a sea snake.”


Edwy said light-heartedly.


“Scraped off…”


Chiharu’s eyes seemed to lose focus. But Maki…


“So this sea snake must be pretty big then.”


She sounded interested.


“Yes. They are a mere 3 meters long. But are as thick as a grown man’s arm. There is lots of edible flesh and they are especially good in soup. Chiharu?”

“Yes, snake, yes. But 3 meters seems quite big? Uh, soup? So, it tastes good. I see.”

“Yes, very. It’s quite popular with women, for beauty purposes.”

“Oh, it must be the collagen! Yes, I’m eating this!”


Chiharu recovered. She didn’t like to look at such wormy things, but she could eat them.


The shrimps and clams were out of their shells and the whitefish had no bones. She wasn’t sure about the sea snake broth, but the meat was like jelly. The whole thing was so delicious that she used bread to scoop up every last drop. As for the men, they had two servings.


After the meal, they were served large cups of citrus water.


“We should take a short walk around town before returning to the airship.”


Edwy suggested. And so Maki and Chiharu decided to walk through the town by the river. While it was a riverside town, the river connected to the sea, so it was also a seaport in a way. Unfortunately, the market had already closed. Still, Tram was filled with the smell of unfamiliar spices and eye-catching tapestry. It did not take long for them to find things they wanted to buy.


However, the trip would be quite long. It would just be baggage if they bought stuff now. And so Chiharu only bought some twirly-shaped sweets that looked like they would last long. She put it carefully in her bag so they wouldn’t get crushed.


The others all wanted to tell her that she was better off getting a pretty handkerchief or a scarf, if she was worried about space. But they held their tongue. 


While the others watched Chiharu become excited, Maki quickly finished her own shopping. It was just like when they had traveled in the dwarf lands.


And then they returned to the airship.


“I’ll pilot it this time.”


Edwy said as he grabbed the handle. It was a little high for him, but Aeris had been thorough when teaching him how to pilot it.


“Can I sit next to you?”

“Nyran. Sure. You should take this opportunity to learn.”


Aeris sat down next to Chiharu. Chiharu sat next to him, and Grudo and Kaider sat on the opposite side. Van was sitting further off and talking happily. After a while, Maki and Chiharu started to feel sleepy.


And so Aeris moved so that Chiharu could rest on his shoulder.



“Is that the wisdom of age?”

“Are you jealous?”

“Wh-, no, I’m just…”


Kaider looked away. Maki was leaning on Chiharu as she slept. Aeris thought that it was very cute.


“Grudo and I are at an age where we can live as we like. Don’t you agree?”


Aeris said to Kaider with a grin.


“Well, it’s true that we are very proud of Grudo. And we respect you as well, Aeris. However, I think you have always lived as pleased.”


Aeris chuckled.


“Well, then. It’s because I lived as I pleased up until now, that I will continue to do so.”


He said. And then he picked up some of Chiharu’s hair and enjoyed the sensation.


“Tsk. Most people cannot live so freely.”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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  1. Yes, Kaider does not know the meaning of the word tact… unless it’s the tact found in battle tactics!

    Thank you for your work on this chapter too.

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