Two Saints – 72


Kaider said as he looked at Maki. Of course, for him, the bigger problem was that he didn’t know his own feelings.


“Well, they must be tired. They went out on the balcony last night as well.”

“The gazers?”

“I couldn’t really see. But that was probably it.”

“I see. To think that gazers would come all of the way to Midland…”

“According to them, there were gazers in the past as well. However, they only appear now because of the Saintesses.”

“We just don’t know enough about the magic stones or the monsters.”


Aeris said with annoyance. Then he continued as if suddenly remembering something.


“That being said, while you have been useful, I don’t know if it’s a good thing to snoop around a lady’s room at night.”

“Are you jealous?”


Kaid asked. However, the old were wise.


“To be honest, yes.”


He answered plainly.


“By the way, you’ve looked rather red for a while now.”

“Hey, shut up, Nyran. Chiharu might wake up…”


Kaider looked a little frantic.


“She’s sleeping soundly.”


Aeris said.


“Well, it’s because Maki talked about swimming in bathing suits.”


Kaider said hesitantly.


“Bathing suits?”


“They are tight clothes that come up to here.”


Kaider showed them.


“What? And they have nothing under it?”

“Edwy, keep your eyes up ahead!”

“Oh, uh, yes?”


At some point, Edwy had become distracted by their conversation.


“And she said the top and bottom are separate and they show their stomach.”

“Their stomach?”

“Their stomach?”

“Their stomach?”


Everyone looked at Maki’s stomach. Then they turned red and looked away. Except for Grudo.


“Being young is so troublesome. Oh, some of you aren’t young.”

“Shut up.”


Aeris shot back with a red face. Then Nyran mumbled.


“I’m so glad that Chiharu wasn’t awake.”


That was something they could all agree on.

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