Two Saints – 62

Return 6 – Merfolk Island


While everyone felt very cautious once they reached the merfolk island, Amia was nowhere to be found. There was a different, beautiful merman who was younger than Amia and about the same age as Edwy.


“Amia can’t come because he is busy. He was very disappointed.”


They were told. Then Chiharu said,


“I see. He helped us at the mirror lake. And so I wanted to say thank you.”


And then,


“In that case, tell those people over there. They passed through the water road and went to the mirror lake.”


He pointed to a group of beautiful merfolk of various colors that were staring at them. Maki and Chiharu were filled with gratitude when they thought about how these people had hit the gazers with their tails. Of course, there were other merfolk gathering around as well.


“Oh, this is something.”

“Surprising, isn’t it? If you only knew how we felt. Besides, they even tried to take them into the sea.”


Edwy and Kaider were talking.


“Um, thank you for saving us at the mirror lake.”

“Thank you so much.”


Chiharu and Maki said after approaching the merfolk. Then they bowed their heads.


“Please raise your heads, beloved children.”


And so they raised their heads. Before they knew it, the merfolk were right in front of them. One of the merfolk then raised his hands to Maki’s cheeks and then brushed the hair out of her face.



“The mark of God’s love.”


The merfolk murmured. Maki’s eyes were wide as she stood frozen.


“Human skin is so warm.”


He said. His skin was cold and smooth.


Yes, it would be rather shocking. They were so close, and their hair moved. Chiharu was glad that she was just a spectator this time. She stood next to Maki and nodded.




However, there were two Saintesses. Before she knew it, other merfolk were touching her cheeks and brushing her hair. Eventually, hands held her shoulders as she was led towards the others by the waves. Ultimately, her past experience did not prove to be very useful here.


“I sense the presence of the chief. So you are wearing the scales.”


One of them whispered.


“I use it as a good luck charm ever since I was saved.”


Chiharu answered, and the merfolk smiled happily. Next to her, Maki was still frozen as she was carried away. It always seemed like one of them was calm while the other was panicking. Chiharu thought.


Behind her, the others were consoling the elf, who seemed quite angry.


“The merfolk know that the train will depart in an hour, so they won’t push it. More importantly, why don’t we buy some of that? They’ll be very happy, won’t they?”


Nyran suggested.


“You know, the hamanasu wine!”

“Of course! Standing here and watching the merfolk will only make you angry. We might as well go and buy some wine.”

“I’ll go with you.”


And so the two elderly ones left for the store.


“Phew. In a way, he’s the hardest one to handle.”


Kaider said.


“No, if anything, I think he is the easiest.”



Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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