Two Saints – 62


Nyran answered.


“Aeris just likes the Saintesses.”


Edwy said. Then Kaider and Nyran looked at him apologetically.



“Well, maybe you shouldn’t just look at him as if he were an old man.”

“Old men can be difficult.”

“So which is it? Is he an old man or not?”


That wasn’t the problem. But, well, it was perhaps good that he experiences this at his young age. Kaider and Nyran thought.


Maki and Chiharu finished their meeting with the merfolk without any trouble, and they waved their hands at them before returning to the train.


Still, Maki looked like her soul had left her body, and so Chiharu said to her with an air of self-importance.


“Maki-chan, you’re a Saintess too you know? So you shouldn’t assume that you’re the only one that won’t get abducted.”

“You’re one to talk.”


It was Nyran who said this. Besides, they had both been taken away. Maki looked tired as she said,


“I get it, Chiharu. Still, these merfolk sure are beautiful…”

“Yes, I was too shocked to notice it much the last time, but I don’t think I’ve seen such beautiful people!”


Chiharu said with some excitement. Maki muttered on.


“And it was these beautiful people who touched my cheeks or held my shoulders as I was marched off. You’d think it would be very romantic.”

“Maki-chan, it lost all sense of romance the moment you chose the words ‘marched off.’”


Chiharu joked. Maki continued.


“I wonder why it doesn’t feel romantic.”


Why indeed. Chiharu thought about it. Oh, it must be that.


“It’s because of their hair.”

“I don’t think it’s that.”


Nyran butted in again. Ignoring Aeris, Edwy would have a difficult time. Nyran thought. These girls were clearly not the romantic types, and would they ever be?


“Oh, maybe it’s the scales!”


Said the dwarf, who didn’t understand romance either.

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