Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 43

The Saintesses that were Let Loose


Maki and Chiharu planned to listen while they rested, but they were so tired that they fell asleep.


Chiharu had been surprisingly calm when she had first fallen towards the water. She had taken swimming lessons at school a long time ago, and so she could swim just fine. However, the impact she felt when she first hit the water had robbed her of a sense of direction at first. The moonlight had not been bright enough to show up on the water, and even if she knew that she would float to the top, having to hold her breath in the darkness had made her feel afraid.


Still, she pushed those feelings aside and tried to rise to the surface. It was then that something wrapped around her waist. She nearly exhaled in shock, but then she was immediately pulled out of the water.



“Calm down, Chiharu.”

“Who are you?”

“How sad. Do you not remember the scales?”

“The merfolk…”


The young man!


“Now, the gazers are after us. Catch your breath as we head towards the shore.”



Chiharu wiped her face with her sleeve. The young merman held Chiharu as he swam adeptly in the water. Behind them, she could hear splashing.


“I am using my tail to fend off the gazers.”


Interesting. But why were the gazers… They arrived on land before this could be answered, and she reunited with Maki.


Nyran had carried her like a princess after that. Was this a romantic situation at last?


Chiharu thought for a split second before remember the smell of the lake and how she had felt like a drowning rat. It was not romantic at all. Even if the person was a prince or the chief of the sea.


Chiharu would later talk to Maki about this in a heated voice.


“I do like the idea of being swooped off my feet like that. But, doesn’t it only happen when you’re in trouble or in pain? Is that when you fall in love?”

“Hmmm. You mean like someone who helps you when things are hard?”

“It was hard and embarrassing. I felt both sorry for him and annoyed. That’s all I felt.”


“Like, I wanted to be left alone and was also worried about my weight.”

“I get it, Chiharu. Maybe only people who are capable of enjoying romantic scenes become romantically involved?”

“But I am rather romantic?”

“That’s an insult to people who are.”


In any case, the five men were relieved when they heard that Maki and Chiharu had fallen asleep.


After hearing about the matter of the Saintesses leaving the castle, Kaider said,


“In other words, the Saintesses were disguised as Norfe and Chouze. That’s why they were women at the hotspring, daughters of noblemen in the capital, and now they are Kenneth and Ryan. I see.”


“And they have been let loose for half a month in the dwarf lands.”

“Let loose…”


Nyran chuckled.


“Well, I’m sure that your sarcasm comes from the fact that you were completely fooled all of this time.”


Edwy said. Kaider looked annoyed.



“What is it? White Philosopher.”

“What do you mean? Women at the hotspring?”

“Oh, that…”


Kaider looked uncertain.


“I was looking for Norfe and Chouze and…”


“I saw a woman with dark hair from far away.”

“So you were peeking.”

“He totally was.”

“I can’t believe it.”


Kaider was cornered. Nyran was still laughing. You were there too!


“Ohhh, we have more pressing matters to discuss!”

“That’s true.”


Kaider insisted. And the Midland people drew back.


“Still, why did they do it when they were being taken care of so well?”

“You saw Norfe. They are strongly independent.”


Nyran answered Kaider’s question. Hmm. He was very observant. Edwy thought with a little irritation. However, they had to move on.


“Well, enough about them leaving the castle. They are safe now, anyway. The problem is the gazers.”

“Yes. They were clearly targeting Norfe and Chouze.”

“Maki and Chiharu.”


Why? He didn’t want to hear about versions of Maki and Chiharu that he didn’t know.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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