Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 43


“I’m sorry. But they were nearly taken away by the merfolk on the merfolk island as well. And they are quite friendly with the bird people. I also heard that a gazer came to see Maki and Chiharu on a train.”

“That! I have not heard that before. So that is when they met the chief.”

“The birdfolk didn’t make a report?”

“Like saying that they are safe, or that they know where they are.”

“They just do as they please.”


But enough about them. There was no way to control the birdfolk.


“The merfolk chief said that the monsters were happy. And he said to think about why the Saintesses were sent to the human territories.”

“Do they know something?”

“Merfolk have been around since the beginning. They know God’s will and the workings of the world. It is said that they have watched over the world throughout history. Kaider and Nyran, you two met with the chief as children, didn’t you? Those bonds are important.”


“Are the Saintesses summoned because the monsters have grown loud, or have the monsters grown loud because of their appearance? And what is their relation to miasma? There are many mysteries.”


Edwy said quietly. Kaider scratched his head and said,


“Well, we can always kill the monsters as they increase. Wouldn’t it be better to have the Saintesses stay in Midland? The miasma is thick here. However, it’s become thinner at a rapid pace ever since Norfe…Maki arrived. I understand that people want the Saintesses to visit. However, there is no guarantee of their safety when this close to the dungeons.”


Nyran nodded.


“There will be nothing we can do if we lose them.”

“Oh, ‘there will be more after three months.’”



Kaider and Nyran turned on Edwy.


“Don’t get me wrong. That is what the inlanders said to Maki and Chiharu during the unveiling at the castle.”

“They said that!”

“Damned inlanders!”

“By the way, it was the stupid royals, Norfe and Chouze that said it.”


Nyran and Kaider said in unison.

“They used those names then.”

“I like them even more now.”

“I want to take them home with me.”


The three midlanders said together. There was as short stare down before Aeris spoke.


“We will have to look into the circulation of magic stones and the amount that is imported to each region. At the same time, we should find out how the miasma has changed in the elf and beastkin lands since Maki and Chiharu came here. If the other lands experienced the same change, then there will be no need to make them go to those places.”

“Oh, you seem to have had a change in opinion.”

“Grudo. I do not know how much of a burden the generating of these stones is for them. The elves are important to me as well. But so are Maki and Chiharu.”


Everyone nodded. Except for Edwy. He looked at Maki and Chiharu as they slept. And then felt embarrassed about how rude he was being.


“The problem is that they will clearly not wait around quietly.”


He said. And he was right.

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