Ryusousha – 43


As the tea party yesterday had apparently gone on until the evening, you would have had to order in advance if you wanted flowers to be delivered the following morning.


She was one of the new First-Year students. Was the Patron candidate a man?

I didn’t know how many rivals there would be for each person. But speed would be key if you wanted to beat the others.


“Hmm? Someone is coming towards us?”

The florist who handed the student the flowers was walking towards us.

She wore a plain apron and carried an empty bucket that had been used to hold the flowers.



Christan greeted her. They were apparently acquaintances.

I started to step to the side as to not get in their way, when our eyes met.


“I am in charge of a lot of people, but will continue to look after you as well, Leon.”


The florist said with a wink. That’s when I realized that I knew her.


“Your eyes… It’s you.”

Yes. It was that lady in black who threatened me the other day. Her Majesty’s Right Foot was a florist now?


“My name is Siluru Vera. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“What are you doing here?”


“I just told you. Only people with special permission are allowed inside. And so Siluru is the only one who can deliver flowers to the students.”

He had said that.


“You can order flowers at any store that you like, but I am still the only one who can deliver them. That’s why I can enter the dormitory gardens. I can visit any night that I chose.”


Now that I thought about it, she had been entering into places that were restricted.

It would only be possible for people with permission or who were especially skilled with magic.


“Is this a coincidence? Or…”


“It’s a coincidence. After all, we need at least one Right Foot in the Dragon Academy at all times. Of course, that resulted in me being put in charge of you…”


Siluru sounded like she thought I was going to be a handful.

So, I was the problem child now? Why was that?


“It’s hard to keep up if you’re not used to being around him. Even I lose track of where he is once he dives into the shadows.”

“I expect you to help me then, Christan.”


“Well, don’t get your hopes up too high.”

“Yes, yes. We must work together to overcome this.”


“Together… Why do I feel like I’m being trapped.”

Maybe I wouldn’t be getting much work as a Right Hand after all.


“I’m counting on you. …Now, you must excuse me. See you later, Leon.”

She said cooly and then left.


“People seem to be much closer than I thought. Or is it that this city is smaller?”

Of course, that wasn’t the case. But it was hard to not think like that.


If this meant that Foul Eater was also close by… The thought gave me a headache.


Ahhh, I wanted to bake some bread. Maybe I could sneak out once before class started.

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