Jack of all Trades – 244

A Quick Finish and an Angry Noble


Not all E-Rankers were weak. Everyone started at G-Rank. But there were different levels of preparation before you started.

For instance, some people became Adventurers after they failed in their business. Or perhaps they became an Adventurer after a long period of recuperation.

Status and skills weren’t the benefits of becoming an Adventurer. They were the result of hard work and effort.


Macadenia Nikke’s acquired skills with throwing knives would have likely been effective on a B-Ranker as well.


“Hehehe. What’s wrong?”

“Tsk… You’ll regret this… I’ll break that smirking face of yours!”


Bandi charged towards Macadenia, who was carrying two throwing knives in his hands.


Of course, Macadenia wasn’t carrying them for decoration. He threw them. One of them went straight towards Bandi’s right shoulder. As for the other one…


“Hmph. Your aim is off!”

“I could say the same for you!”



Bandi dodged the knife targeting her right shoulder, which only served to put her in the path of the other knife, which seemed to be sucked towards her face. She frantically raised her spear and blocked it, but her momentum had been killed. That’s when a third knife came flying.



“How far can you defend with one arm!?”


Even with one arm, she adeptly controlled the spear and twisted her body out of the knife’s path. Just as it passed her, Badi charged forward once again. Perhaps it was due to her useless arm, but she seemed a little off-balance.

However, Macadenia seemed to have an endless supply of knives, which he launched towards her.

But Bandi seemed determined not to fall for the same trick twice, and she moved out of the way.




I couldn’t help but say. She was still moving forward, but had used some interesting footwork to get out of the way without losing her speed. And that was in spite of her one limp arm getting in her way. I had never seen anyone move like that before…


“Damn it…!”


Macadenia began to curse. His knives were missing. He would have to attack with something other than projectiles. Something like a pitfall or magic would work. Of course, those options weren’t open to him.

With no other recourse, Madenia ran back to the sword he had dropped.


“Not so fast!”


Bandi lowered her posture and raised her speed in order to stop him. Then she thrust her spear out.


The sound of the spear-tip tearing through the air was accompanied by an explosion of dust and splinters of wood as she hit the stage.


“Wh-what happened…?”


Heinrich said excitedly as he grabbed the guard rail. How cute.

Though, I realized that I was leaning forward to get a better look as well. I quickly leaned back into the chair. It was a little embarrassing… When I turned to the side, Kapricorn was looking at me. Or so I thought.




I gave him a questioning look, but he just turned away. No, he was watching the fight. I turned my head to look back at the action.


The cloud of dust had settled a little, and we could see shadows moving.

They were both there. However, they didn’t move.


By the time everything became clear, the sight we saw was of Macadenia with a spear through his thigh.

Both of them. The timing must have been insane. The spear had gone through him when his legs were aligned.


“Ah… I should have practiced more with the sword.”

“Your throwing was impressive.”

“Hehe. Thanks.”


He dropped his knives with a clang and raised his arms.


“I yield! You win!”


And with that, the referee descended and made the announcement.


“The fight has ended! The winner…is Bandi Ree!!”


The spectators exploded once again. It was a brilliant fight and words of praise now rained down on the two contestants.

The referee then called in a medical team to take Macadenia away to be treated. Now empty-handed, Bandi attempted to come and join us, but the medical team stopped her as they gestured to her wounds. It was as if she had forgotten all about it. None the less, she followed after them.




That was a lot for a first battle. I had been literally sitting at the edge of my seat. But it seemed like it was over in an instant. I guess that’s just how these things went.

I looked around me, and oddly enough, people still looked very excited.

It showed how satisfied they were.

Well, there was one voice that was an outlier.


“Hmph. That was a terrible bore.”


Adlus said with a sigh. But no one argued with him.


“Don’t you agree, Daniela?”


He seemed annoyed that no one answered him, and so he directed the question to Daniela specifically. Of course, Daniela was in no mood to humor him.

Ultimately, everyone gave him the cold shoulder. Silence was gold. I knew that quite well. It was better not to say anything that was not needed. Besides, no one here agreed with his opinion.


Still, in spite of being the previous winner, he seemed kind of unpopular here. Well, I suppose he had lots of fans, but even he didn’t seem to care about that. He only cared about light elves. And just talking to him quickly revealed the character under the costume. And it kept spilling out every time he opened his mouth.


“Adlus, silence is gold.”


A muffled voice that I had never heard before now rang. Everyone turned their heads to look. It was Kapricorn. So he does talk… However, he wore a low hood and had a cloth wrapped around his mouth, making it difficult to hear.


“Hmm? You wish to lecture me? Know your place. You’re awfully arrogant for an Adventurer.”

“You can’t take back what you’ve said. And such crude words only prove to make you inferior.”

“Nothing you say can change me. This is what I am. However, there are so many who are below me.”



I could hear the others sighing. So even Kapricorn couldn’t handle him.

Kapricorn folded his arms with resignation and sunk deep into his chair. Adlus saw this and sneered before turning away. He probably thought he had won… It was embarrassing to watch.


So, it was time for round two. ‘Light Dew’ Levee Badi and the noblewoman, Alenbia Ef Quingeria. A swordswoman against a sorceress… And while they took different forms, they both used ice magic. In other words, this should be very educational for me. I had learned a lot from Bandi’s use of the spear.

I was interested in watching Levee, as she was an A-Ranker with an alias and used an ice sword. But I was also curious to see Alenbia’s ice magic. I wasn’t too strong with it and just used what I had, so it would be nice to see what a real sorcerer would do.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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