Jack of all Trades – 244


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“Levee Badi and Alenbia Ef Quingeria! Please rise to the stage!”


The referee called and the two got up from their seats. From what I could tell, Levee seemed quite calm, while Alenbia seemed nervous.

Levee walked up the step very casually. Alenbia’s hands tightly gripped her beloved staff.


“She is very nervous.”


Daniela saw it too. I nodded in agreement.


“On the other hand, there’s no hiding that Levee is an A-Ranker.”


Heinrich joined in. He was sitting next to me.


“Well, I suppose she would be nervous then. They both use ice magic but her opponent is a much higher rank.”

“Don’t you use ice magic as well?”


He did his research then. Heinrich smiled. I just told him what I had been thinking.


“Yeah. That’s why this fight is so interesting to me. Levee’s ice sword. Alenbia’s fighting style. Well, they aren’t the same as me at all. Also, I feel like they both have great instincts in battle.”

“I see. I see.”

“I’m a bit of a meathead who just likes to charge forward. So I’m looking forward to Miss Alenbia’s strategy here.”


I was basically giving him more information about myself… Still, he would learn it if he just sat here and watched anyway. Besides, a capable fighter should be able to change strategies on the fly. My opponents would be such people.


“Haha. So you like to fight very boldly.”

“I’m clumsy. Always have been.”


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“I-I’m glad for this opportunity to battle against you!”

“Thank you. I feel the same way.”


They bowed to each other and waited for the referee’s signal.




The crowd roared, but both of them seemed to be oblivious of their surroundings as they jumped away from each other.

By the time they landed, Levee had her ice sword in her hand. And Alenbia had four ice arrows hovering in the air.



“I would expect no less from an A-Ranker and a noble.”


Daniela answered without any surprise. I would not have likely made much use of that time as far as preparing for an attack. I suppose I only survived as long as I did because of the protection of the Forest Wolf and the God Wolf.


The two glared at one another. Alenbia seemed to be analyzing Levee’s every move. On the other hand, Levee looked a little bored. Her sword wasn’t even raised. However, she didn’t look away from her target.


As the audience held their breath and watched, Levee was the first to move. She raised her sword in a smooth, casual movement. At that, the three arrows were launched. At the same time, Alembia created and shot out a fourth.




Levee laughed. I knew that laugh. She hadn’t even meant to attack. But Alenbia had panicked and unleased her ice arrows. Still, she was a noble with an incredible education. She didn’t just pull the trigger. She quickly followed up.


Levee dodged the three arrows with minimal movement and then struck the fourth out of the air with her sword.

The crowd went wild. Levee laughed with a look of confidence. Alenbia frowned with irritation.


“How are you now? Have your nerves calmed themselves?”



Alenbia’s narrowed eyebrows returned to normal, and she looked at Levee quizzically.


“Well, you seemed very nervous to me. And I thought if we touched swords a few times…or, oh, you use magic. Well, I thought it would help calm you.”

“Yo-you’re worried about your opponent during a fight…!?”


Alenbia suspected that she was being mocked. Her face grew furious. Levee frantically waved her hand to deny it.


“It is not like that. I want you to fight at your best. It would be very boring if your nerves got the best of you, and you lost because of it.”

“So you are saying that you would win even if I was fighting at my best… You are terribly confident, aren’t you? A true A-Ranker. How maddening.”


Levee didn’t want to fight someone who would make mistakes. Alenbia found such consideration an insult.

While they sounded polite enough, it was clear that Alenbia wasn’t taking kindly to it all.

Perhaps she had a short temper… I could understand Levee’s position, but it really depended on who your opponent was. Some people didn’t like. It was possible that Alenbia had been trying to hide it and was just annoyed that someone had seen through her.

After all, she was a noblewoman.


“Very well. I will defeat you with all of my power. I, Alenbia Ef Quingeria, will carve my name into your face! Mock me for my rank at your own peril. Because you will die once today!”


Levee seemed very pleased by this. She seemed like such a calm, graceful person. But perhaps she was really a bloodthirsty fiend. You could never know what a person truly was…


Now, let’s see what skills the noblewoman had.

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