Realist Demon King – 71


“That is an understatement. She’s a cheapskate. A big hoarder.”


“That’s not very nice. She’s not like that because she thinks it’s fun. She just doesn’t want anything to go to waste. My financial affairs being in good health is important if I’m going to conquer the world.”


“I can understand that…”


“Besides, it is not a vice, but a virtue. Long ago, there was a sullen general known as Yamauchi Kazutoyo.”



“He did not get paid much, but his wife, Chiyo, was careful and saved up his money.”




“Yes, secretly. She didn’t just save it up. One day, she used it all extravagantly.”




“Yes. One day, her husband was to go out to battle. And so he thought to buy a great horse, but he did not have enough money. However, that was when his wife gave him the savings.”


“Oh, how perceptive of her.”


“Yes. And when he went out on this great horse, he caught the eyes of his lord, Oda Nobunaga. And was given a promotion.”


“And you think your maid is doing the same thing?”


“I don’t know if she is secretly saving money. But I have never lost money due to her.”


“Impressive. I now have a little respect for her.”


By now, we had arrived in front of Jeanne’s room.


There was a plate on the door with her name. It was clear that she had written it herself.


While it was nothing to be proud of, considering she had been completely illiterate a short while ago, she deserved some credit.


Jeanne puffed out her chest and chuckled.


“Yes, it is nice.”


I said and patted her on the head. She smiled happily.


“You do seem to like being patted on the head, Jeanne.”


“Yes. Perhaps I was a dog in my previous life. A great, big dog.”


“Now that I think of it, you sometimes remind me of a golden retriever.”


“How so?”


“The hair color, gentle eyes, and temperament, I suppose.”


“I see. Well, I will have to own one of these dogs one day.”


She suddenly had a new goal in life. Then she continued,


“If I was a dog in my past life, then you must have been a cat, Demon King.”


“A cat? Why?”


“Because cats look away when you stare them in the eyes. And you do the same.”


Her large eyes bore into mine and her lips parted.

It was as if she was daring me to kiss her.

She was French, after all. And maybe I had been a cat.

I patted her on the head again and ignored the other suggestion. And with that, I entered the room.

The door was left open.

When Jeanne asked why, I explained it to her.


“It is good manners. We are not married, after all.”


“Is that how it is in this world?”


“Not just in this world, but in yours as well.”


“Perhaps it was.”


She said as if she had forgotten all about it. And then she entered the room with a smile.

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