Realist Demon King – 135

‘Hai’ or Yes

Jeanne’s room was on the second floor of Marco’s mansion. It was on the opposite side of my room and the drawing room. Apparently, men and women were kept separate.

Perhaps it had something to do with morale, but then again, he was trying to encourage me to marry Ryoma. So it was likely just to make it easier for her to come to me at night.

He could be a troublesome old man. However, it was also true that he was doing it with her best interests in mind, so I couldn’t blame him too much.

It was with such thoughts that I walked, and eventually arrived in front of Jeanne’s room.
I knocked on the door, and she answered immediately.

“Who is it?”

She said in a cautious voice.

I had told everyone to be careful, as the reformists might send out their assassins. And it was clear that she took this to heart.

“It’s me, your Demon King.”

“The Demon King?”

Her voice lit up and I assumed that she would open the door immediately, but she didn’t.

“…I can’t help but feel suspicious. The Demon King rarely visits me himself… Oh!? What if you are an imposter?”

“Hey, now. Surely not. This is my voice.”

“There is magic that can replicate a person’s voice.”

Jeanne said carefully, and then she continued.

“If you are truly the Demon King, answer this question!”

“So it will be something that only I would know. I see.”


And she continued.

“Is Jeanne d’Arc the woman the Demon King loves the most? Answer with a ‘hai’ or ‘yes’!”


What was she on about? However, nothing good would come from going along with Jeanne’s little games, and so I used magic to unlock the door and opened it.

Jeanne didn’t stop me from intruding, however, it was also evident that she knew that it was the real me.

She smiled happily.

“The right answer was to unlock it with magic. I knew you were the Demon King.”

She said as flew into my arms.

I held her for a moment and then pushed her to arms length.

“An unmarried woman should not jump on a man outside of her room like that.”

‘Then let’s go inside!’ she said as she pulled my hand.

She then tried to lead me to the bed, but as I could not let that happen, took her over to the center of the room.

Then we joined hands and I made her dance.

“Oh, a dance.”

“Yes. It’s a ballroom dance. And you are surprisingly good at it.”

“Well, I watched the maid and learned.”

“You must be a genius, Jeanne.”

“It’s proof that I’m a brilliant warrior. I can learn by just watching an opponent’s movements.”

“I hope this brilliant warrior will agree to attend the ball.”

“I do not.”

Her answer was the same. Perhaps going to such a fancy event was too much to ask from a servant of god.

As that wasn’t going to work, I used a different strategy.

“I’m not sure that is a good idea. After all, they will be serving rare dishes from far away mountains and seas.”

“Rare dishes from the mountains and seas!”

Jeanne gasped.

“It’s not just about dancing?”

“Indeed. In fact, I would assume most people will not dance. Marco is one of them.”

“Then, what will they be doing?”

“They will talk about their merchant business while eating and drinking. I suppose the noblewomen will be spreading rumors about the men.”

“That sounds very boring.”

“Aye. And that’s why all the delicacies will be left for you, Jeanne. And no one will berate you if you eat it all.”

Upon hearing these words, Jeanne’s golden hair seemed to stand up. Which made her look a little stupid.

“Alright! I will go to the ball!”

“I’m glad to hear it. But what about your god?”

I asked her, a little mischievously. Jeanne nodded.

“It is not good for me to bask in luxury in fine places, however, the food is certain to go to waste if I am not there. And it’s against God’s will for food to be wasted.”

I was rather impressed with her way of thinking. However, that was when Jeanne started to undress in front of me.

But this time, it wasn’t to seduce me. She was just going to change into her dress. But she was a farmer turned soldier. And she clearly did not know how to get ready.

Of course, I was not much better in that regard. And so I called Eve and left the rest to her.

‘I think a white dress would suit Jeanne’ said Eve, as she went to go and borrow one. Indeed, a white dress would match her golden hair very well.

I was looking forward to seeing her dressed up like some noblewoman, but I also had to prepare myself for the occasion.

And so I put on my usual formal clothes and then left Marco’s mansion.

The ball would be held at the Berneze guest reception hall. Beautiful carriages were currently lined up outside.

I got into one of them. Ryoma was already inside and gestured for me to sit next to her. Once I did, she pressed her cheek into mine. However, this romantic atmosphere didn’t last more than a few seconds.

That’s because Jeanne jumped in.

“Demon King! We must hurry! The food will get cold!”

She reminded me of that expression about dumplings over flowers, but as Eve then arrived, I didn’t say anything as the carriage set off.

The carriage was filled with the scent of flowers. It was the perfume that they were wearing, and it was rather sweet.

And since it was rare for them to wear such a thing, it did excite me a little. However, I was able to keep it from showing on my expression as the carriage rocked back and forth.

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