Realist Demon King – 65

Demon Wind


I put the shuriken into the Klein bottle and sent magical energy into it. As always, the room was filled with a mystical atmosphere.


And the white smoke began to rise and fill the room.

For a moment, I thought that I could see a silhouette in the smoke, but it disappeared in a flash.

Then the shadow seemed to materialize behind me, and a kunai was pressed against my throat.


Eve immediately started to pull out a dagger from her breast pocket, but the man from the silhouette stopped her.


“…I would not do that, young lady. Another move and your lord’s head will fly.”


With that said, Eve could not take a step forward.

She looked like a frog who was being stared at by a snake.

She was usually calm, but I now saw sweat drip from her forehead.

As I felt sorry for her, I addressed the man.


“I’d like to ask you something before you go about removing my head.”


“And what is that? Demon King.”


“Ah, so you know that I am the Demon King who summoned you.”




“And do you know that I am your master?”




“And it is your style to turn your blade on your master, I suppose.”




He said ‘aye’ a lot. But I didn’t bring it up. Instead, I went straight to the heart of the matter.


“You must be like Toshizou then. You want me to prove that I am a worthy lord for you to serve.”


“I do not know who this Toshizou is, but you are right, none the less.”


“And how will you go about finding this out?”


“I would ask you some questions.”


“Ask whatever you like. Would my measurements interest you, for instance?”


But jokes were lost on this one.


“I have general knowledge about you. When I was summoned here, a strange Goddess came and sent this knowledge to my brain.”


“…I see.”


I thought back on the Goddess that I had met when I was first born into this world.


“According to that information, you are a Demon King who likes to scheme. They say you have many sides. Is this true?”




Half of what people said were rumors I had purposely spread. However, there was no harm in agreeing with them.


“Well, then. You are a king that I find most interesting as a ninja. But I would like to test to see if you really are what they say.”


“And how will you do that?”


“By using information from the Goddess. I will see how you react to it.”


“This sounds very difficult.”


“Well, it is perfect to test the ability of a king.”


“Very well. Let’s begin then. Oh, would you mind moving that kunai away from me now?”


“I cannot do that.”


“Why not?”


“It is part of the test to see if you are worthy. I want to see you get out of this situation.”

“I see. Well, I had thought as much.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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