Realist Demon King – 91

The Saint, Maid and the Demon King’s Morning


Demon King Ashta had early mornings.

Usually, I would start my day by listening to the reports of the town administrators or the military commanders.

A mountain of documents would be waiting for me, and there was no time to waste lying in bed.

However, that was on most days.


As we would be leaving for marching today, neither Gottlieb nor Eve had sent me anything.


Perhaps they wanted me to rest and reserve my energy.

I was grateful for their consideration.

Thanks to them, I was able to sleep until 9 o’clock.


That was three hours longer than usual, and so sleeping any more would be excessive. It was just as I was thinking this, that Eve came to wake me up.


“Good morning, Master.”


She said with a deep bow.

Her voice was always beautiful.


She told me to take it easy, and set a small table on my bed and placed my breakfast on top of it.


There was freshly baked bread, fried eggs, bacon, a salad, and clam chowder.


Just the sight of it whetted my appetite.

The sound of a growling stomach could be heard.

Eve heard this and said,


“You must be quite hungry.”


And she smiled.

But I looked at her strangely.


I was somewhat hungry, but not that hungry. Besides, my stomach never growled like that.


Thinking that something was strange, I pulled my blankets back.

What I saw, was Saint Jeanne sleeping there, looking very comfortable.


She mumbled in her sleep about not being able to eat anymore. Still, she was biting the sheets.


I didn’t want her to get sick, and so I pulled it away from her and looked at Eve.


“I wonder how she was able to sneak into here?”


She also seemed confused.


“The security in this room should be perfect.”


Eve had ensured that only a select few people could enter this place, in order to keep out assassins.


It was a different story if you had great magic. But Jeane didn’t use magic, and there were no traces of the barrier being broken.


Perhaps I had disarmed the barrier last night, while I was asleep.

I could have had a dream that caused me to do it without realizing it.

When I suggested this to Eve, she chuckled and said,


“Well, I suppose even a perfectionist like you has to make mistakes sometimes.”


Then she started to drag Jeanne out, but I stopped her.


“She seems to be so comfortable now. I’d rather not disturb her.”


Eve’s eyebrows narrowed.


It was insolent for her to sleep in the same bed as her master, she insisted. However, I persuaded her to let it go this time.


In Jeanne’s case, she was more like a dog who happened to find an empty spot to sleep in.


I knew because I used to have a dog in my past life.

Dogs got lonely really easily. And they often snuck into their master’s bed.

Eve was satisfied with this explanation.


“Well, I will bring some breakfast for Jeanne as well…”


But then she paused.


“No, I will bring you another plate of food.”


When I turned to the side, I saw that Jeanne already got up and was eating my breakfast.

She was chewing so ravenously that it was hard to believe that she had just woken up.

She even made a comment about it.


“Maid. Be sure to cook the bacon so it’s more crispy next time.”


I had to calm Eve down after that. But she soon went to the kitchen to bring me some more food.


Once Eve was gone, Jeanne started to eat even faster, and the plate was clean in five minutes.


“Hmm. That was a lot.”


She said as she rubbed her stomach.


“This is a nice way to wake up. And being in the same bed as the Demon King.”


“One would think a Saint would be the last person to crawl into a man’s room at night without permission.”


“I did have permission. It was God’s will that I come.”


She explained.


“God, huh?”


She nodded.


“While I was in bed at night, I felt God’s presence by my pillow. He was so close that I could feel him breathing. And he then spoke to me. ‘Jeanne. Go to the Demon King’s room. And give him this.’ He said.”


And then Jeanne produced a wooden object from her nightgown.


It was a wooden crucifix. 


“You’re going to give this to me?”


“Yes. I made it myself.”


“I am grateful. However, I am a Demon King.”


“Do Demon Kings not like crucifixes?”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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