Shatei Kyokufuri – 108

Data.101 – Old Bowman, Ophiuchus Danger

“She’s certainly not holding back…!”

So this is what it looked like when you were hit by Burning Arrow Storm…
The arrows that filled the sky really did make you feel despair.
However, this was my move.
And I knew its weakness.

“Floating Cloud Herd!”

I created 9 clouds and positioned them in the shape of a rhombus.
As you couldn’t create a straight line with them, this was the positioning that would allow me to move the farthest.
And so I jumped on the clouds and escaped the storm of arrows!

‘As I said before, this is your exact skill! And so I can also change the direction that they shoot!’

Charin twisted her torso and made the arrows rain down as if chasing me.
Yeah, I knew about that as well.
After all, it’s my charge attack!

“Now, Garbow! Red Meteor!”

I had Garbow wait at the bottom instead of climbing the mountain. And he now activated his charge attack.
Burning Arrow Storm and the original charge attack, Arrow Storm, had two types of arrows that it unleashed.
The arrows that shot out from the dark clouds that appeared around the bow, and the arrow that the player unleashed.
There wasn’t any difference in force, effect or accuracy.
After all, the movement of shooting with a charge attack was ‘automatic.’

In other words, once I activated the charge attack, my body was shooting the arrows automatically.
It was like arrow-type skills and Sky Tear would change the arrows into something special after being activated. I could decide on the timing that they fired, and cancel them, though I wouldn’t get the MP back.
However, with skills like Bow Shower, Arrow Storm, and Meteor Bow, my arms would not be free once I activated them.
This was because in order for you to be able to shoot arrows at such a speed, the game had to take control of your body.

Especially with something like Meteor Bow. My arms were practically a blur.
It wasn’t possible for a human to do such a thing.
And so the game did it for you.

That was both a good thing and a bad thing.
This time, it was a bad thing for Charin.
If she could return the attack as it was, then that included the demerits.
In other words, both of her hands were tied!
She would not be able to stop Garbow’s charge attack!

“Gar! Gar!”

Red Meteor hit Charin and inflicted damage.
As the counter effect was already on a different charge attack, it did not activate.
And so it was a clean hit!

‘Ouch..! You two have certainly been through a lot together to reach this point. And so instead of shrinking back, you even launched a counter attack.’

“Thanks for the compliment…!”

I continued to attack even as we talked.
There was no guarantee that she would wait while we were talking.
Besides, Charin had a time limit.

I was currently attacking Charin from the clouds that I had created with Floating Cloud Herd, but she was quite close to me now.
And with the leaping ability of her ‘collect boots’ or whatever, she would easily be able to reach me up here.
I wanted to keep my distance…but that would mean moving away from Garbow.

Warp Arrow only warped me away.
If I were on the field, I could dismiss Garbow, warp, and then summon him again. But this was a boss fight in a closed space.
Charin said that a Unison counted as one party member, so you could not dismiss them during a battle.
So I would be leaving Garbow right near Charin.

But I may not have any other choice…
Without an advance guard, her boots would allow her to bridge the gap between us in an instant, and even if I used Warp Arrow or I’m Arrow to escape, the cooldown would limit me very quickly.
I had to take a chance here!

“Warp Arrow!”

My next destination was a stonehenge-like structure on top of a hill.
The height here offered me a good view of the stage.
I could see Charin clearly and she was within range.

‘I see. Good decision. If you were fighting someone else, that is.’

Charin switched her weapon.
From dual blades to a whip…!

‘Unlike your average monster, I have intelligence that matches humans! Collect Whip Ophiuchus Ver.NSO! Bind him like the Ophiuchus constellation!’

I had assumed that she would bring out a shield to block the arrows. But it was a whip!
What was she going to do with it?
Even as I wondered this, I continued to attack.

However, Charin just hid behind trees or used her boots to jump and dodge the arrows.
I was having trouble hitting her…!
I was in good condition and knew that my aim was good.
Charin was just skilled enough to dodge them.

‘Monster AI are made slow on purpose! After all, if they weren’t, they would be faster than you and would always be able to take the best actions!’

I knew that.
RPG monsters didn’t always make the best moves.
Sometimes they would attack one party member when another party member would die in a single hit, or refuse to use an attack that would allow them to win if they used it multiple times.

It would make them too strong and predictable.
Occasional random actions made the game more interesting.
It was something that had always been in games and continued to this day.

‘But I am an advanced AI, so I will take all of the best actions! Just like you or any other player!’

Charin tangled Garbow with her whip.
She had targeted him after Ocean Sphere’s effect wore off and he was slower!

‘I feel a little bad, as it’s like bullying a child AI…but it’s my job! Sorry, little Garbow! Thunder Whip!’

A current of electricity shot through the whip and towards Garbow’s body!
She knew his weakness…!

“Meteor Bow!’

Garbow’s body broke apart and escaped the whip’s clutches.
And after it combined with my bow, I unleashed the meteor-like arrow!
It blew away the tree and rocks that Charin was standing behind!

‘Your combination charge attack is quite strong. Perhaps it’s good enough to defeat your average boss monster. But it’s hardly a decisive attack when used against me or players that can beat me.’


Charin was carrying a great shield now.
She must have used it to block Meteor Bow.
Well, I had not really expected to defeat her with it.

‘Collect Shield Virgo Ver.NSO! Protect me, like the Virgo constellation!’

Charin raised the great shield as if to show it off.
And then an arrow pierced through her back and came out the left side of her chest.


“I thought shooting through your heart might kill you, since you’re humanoid, but I guess not! Yes, you really are different from other boss monsters! Though, a real human would have died!”

The charge attack I used was Ricochet Sky Tear.
It was a combination of Bound Arrow, which bounced off of objects, and Sky Tear, which had high speed and piercing ability.

Meteor Bow was an emergency escape as well as a smoke screen.
When the charge attack was finished activating and I was able to move again, the glowing arrows had not disappeared yet.
Of course, Charin was hiding behind a shield and could not see me.
And then I unleashed the fused charge attack.

I needed an obstacle to make it bound, but since everything had disappeared around Charin due to Meteor Bow, I had to make it bound off of something that was far away.
Thanks to this, even something fast like Sky Tear was able to hit at the perfect timing.
Charin had been completely off guard.

‘Tsk…! Uhhh…!’

Her face turned quite red.
That was fine. I wanted her to get emotional.
And so I had even said something to provoke her.
It was all a plan…to win!

There was something I learned.
Charin was a monster. I couldn’t win with conventional tactics.
She had used 4 weapons now. So there were 3 left.
I couldn’t deal with all of them by myself!

And, so whether I win or lose, in the next few minutes…or seconds, I would end this.
I can do it! This fight will be over!

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