Makai Hongi – 263

Chapter 263

The old man standing in front of us claimed to be Melvis.
The infamous Lesser Demon King.

Well, it must be true.

Demon King Tralzard would start to shake when just talking about Melvis.
And I now understood why.

This was indeed a being who was outside the pale.

Someone who was in no way an ordinary Lesser Demon King.
If this was what was considered normal, what were the other Lesser Demon Kings?.

“Were you two souls from the beginning?”


He had a quiet voice. He wasn’t threatening or trying to intimidate us in any way.
And yet we were too overwhelmed to answer the question.

“Hmm. So I’m right.”
Melvis looked away, and the weight lifted.

I sighed with relief, and then I and the other me looked at each other.
‘We can’t do it,’ was written all over his face. I felt the same.

“Just so you now, that wasn’t the demon eye.”
Melvis said, though I doubted he had read my mind.

So it was just that he had incredibly sharp eyes.
And we had been intimidated to a degree that we couldn’t move. What the hell?

That being said, Melvis was our king.
However, I could not see the connection to the Orb of Control in here.

While it was just my imagination, I thought that the connection stretched out from the orb.
And so we couldn’t see it because we were currently inside.

“So, why do you have two souls?”
The same question again.
I decided to answer honestly.

How we were weak since birth, and the reason being unknown.
How only I was able to surface.
And how when I was near death, someone called Yamato had come to save me.

Melvis reacted to that name, but then urged me to continue.

And so I did.
The reason that I had been dying was because there were two souls inside of my Orb of Control.
As they had been forced inside, the vessel was about to break.

And so he taught me how to expand the vessel, and I did it every day. When I told him this, Melvis began to laugh.

“Can a vessel really grow like that? But that would mean your mana level would also increase.”

“Exactly. That’s why the other me cannot come out for longer, no matter how much it expands.”

Compared to me, the other me had more mana.
And since I was the human soul, I was really the guest. At least, I thought so.
And so I said that the other me must have been the original soul that occupied the Ogre body.

That was why there was such a difference between us.
Of course, I had much less mana.

“How very strange. And why do you believe that you have a human soul?”
At this point, I had realized that Melvis was incredibly intelligent.

Everyone just talked about how frightening he was when angered, but perhaps that was just one side of him.

“Yes. I will now tell you about my memories of our souls being fused together. Well, it’s really stuff that the other me saw or heard.”

And so we talked about the Enra Institution.
How my soul was scooped out of the sea of chaos, and fuses with another soul.

As the other me was the base, he had the memories of that time.
When I said this, Melvis replied, ‘Of course, he does.’

“You need eyes to see, and ears to hear. There is nothing strange about the original soul in the body having the memories from the experiment.”
He said.

Now that I thought about it, I did have some vague memories of what happened after the experiment succeeded.
Yes, it would be ridiculous if I did have memories of events I didn’t see or even hear.

So that’s why the other me knew about it and I didn’t.
That was one thing cleared.

I continued.
We had evolved just a short while ago. And just like this time, we had met here in this place.
When I said this, Melvis nodded.

“When races evolve, they use up the ‘growing power’ they had saved up until then, and rebuild their bodies. However, it’s also necessary to rebuild the soul.”

“Not just the flesh, but the soul as well?”

“And the name of the new race should appear inside of you the moment that you evolve. It’s the same with special abilities. It’s carved into your soul.”

“I see…”

For some reason, it knew what we had evolved into.
And it was carved into us.

So it was because not just our body, but souls were rebuilt, that we were able to exist at the same time.
Yes, Melvis was smart…no, that was an understatement.

Perhaps it was wisdom that came with age.

He had an abnormal amount of knowledge related to souls.
As I was thinking about this, Melvis said, ‘this really is interesting,’ and he continued.

“Souls that have died in the Celestial World, Human World or Demon World will then fall to the Under World. And after many years, the souls are purified and reborn. That’s what your Ogre soul is. But not the Human soul. It was snatched up while it floated in the Under World, and was then fused. Very interesting.”

“Why is it so interesting?”
I couldn’t help but ask.

I didn’t know about this Under World, but I could understand the idea of becoming a pure soul and being reborn.
In other words, as I had been used in the fusion, I was not a pure soul.

What was the difference? It was simple.
Whether you had memories of your past life or not. That was all.

The other me had memories of Enra, because he had run away after the fusion.
If he had then spent a long time in the Under World, those memories of the experiments would have faded away as well.

I see. It was finally starting to make sense.

“I had thought that only purified souls could pass through the Under World, but it seems that I was wrong. That information alone has made this visit worthwhile.”
Melvis seemed very pleased with himself.

Apparently, there was something about the Under World and souls that interested him.

“It wasn’t what I was initially interested in, but it’s still valuable.”

Now, what interest did this horrible Great Demon King have in us?

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