Makai Hongi – 171

Chapter 171

A gust of wind tore through the battlefield. It was just like a downburst.
The wind picked up all of the dust in the area and seemed to push it towards us.

“What? What’s happening?”

This sudden wind.
I knew that something abnormal was happening.

But I had to cover my face with my arms, and had no idea what was happening.

“The General has transformed.”
That was Dyle’s voice. The General—in other words, Miralda, had transformed.

“She changed into her Dragon form?”
Didn’t he just tell me that she was avoiding it due to the damage it would cause?

“I think…the enemy General must have appeared.”

The Rahab who they called ‘Dragon Eater.’
The General that Demon King Janius had sent in order to keep Demon King Tralzard in check.

He had finally come out.

Now that Miralda had transformed, not only we, but both friends and foes were being pushed by the wind.
When I was finally able to open my eyes, I saw…

“…Rising Dragon.”

It was Miralda, rising into the heavens in a straight line.
I see. They were called Flying Dragons because they could move like that.

After rising very high into the air, Miralda did a U-turn in the sky and shot back down towards the ground.
She was likely charging towards the Rahab.

It was just where the forest ended.
The place where the enemy had first appeared.

“…Huh? Have we been abandoned again?”
We had originally been with Miralda’s army.

But now she had gone off to meet the enemy General.
She was even farther away from us now, on the other side of the battlefield.

Yes, there was no doubt about it. We had been forgotten.

“Commander Dyle. Don’t you think it would be a terrible idea to stay here?”
Even if we killed the enemy in front of us, the situation was still bad.

The soldiers that had gathered here in order to defeat Miralda were all in the center.

“I was planning on getting married when this war is over.”
Not that there was anyone to marry.

There was nothing I could do now but raise death flags.

“Don’t worry. The enemy is confused.”

Said Dyle. And so I looked back at the enemy. Yes, the battlefield was chaotic. But, why?
Was the sight of Miralda that intimidating?

“Their leader must have been killed.”
I see. That was the likely explanation, considering how much confusion there was.

And it showed no signs of calming down.
That would suggest that even the Adjutants were dead or confused.

“The leader was the Pain Serpent, wasn’t it? When was it defeated?”
“It must have been close to the General. Perhaps it was crushed when she transformed.”

I hadn’t realized that the mere act of transforming would do so much damage.
Apparently, the majority of people that were close to the General at the time had been crushed to death.

We could currently hear the incredible sounds of clashing that echoed from far away.
And while we couldn’t see it, we assumed that the two Generals were battling.

“Who do you think will win?”
“Stop talking nonsense. We have to run.”

“The shockwaves will kill us. There is no guarantee that the fight will keep them away. If they move over here, the army will be destroyed.”
“I see your point. We should escape.”

“That’s what I said. The others are already starting to run.”
They were all running like baby spiders scattered across the field.

“All of you! Face the opposite direction and advance!”
I had always wanted to say that.

Immediately after, there was a thunderous crash, and a bipedal dinosaur fell from the sky.
As it bounced and rolled, the enemy formation was smashed.

I was the first to follow the order.

Well, from what I could tell, it seemed like everyone in our area had managed to separate into two sides and escape.
It was one thing to die fighting, and quite another to be flattened by a wild superior. No one wanted to die like that.

“Who do you think will win?”
“Clearly it’s General Miralda.”
Dyle said without hesitation.

“But, that’s also a Demon King’s General she is fighting. Shouldn’t they be equals?”

“Equals, huh? Well, it’s true that this General is also a Lesser Demon King. But there are some walls that cannot be scaled. Now that General Miralda is going all out, nothing can change the result of this battle.”

He was very confident.
It wasn’t out of some kind of loyalty to his army. He had faith in General Miralda’s strength.

“Then we should stay somewhere where we won’t draw attention.”

If the outcome was already decided, there was no need to try too hard.
The enemy that had been attacking us had run off somewhere. We would be able to rest.

However, Dyle had a severe expression.
“What is it, Commander?”

There were no enemies around us.
And the rest of our soldiers would gather here soon.
What could be the problem?

“Come out! I know you are hiding there.”

Dyle started to shout at the grove ahead of us.
The grove was so small that I could see through it. It did not look like a place where one could hide.

What was he going on about? It was just as I was thinking this.

“Ohh? I thought I was doing a good job hiding. I wonder what gave it away.”
A familiar voice rang.

“I’ve trained in order to be able to discover hidden enemies.”
Dyle revealed.

“Even so, I was sure that I would be safe from those lower in rank. Could it be, that you are stronger than you appear?”

“Why don’t you come and find out, bastard! Where did you come from!”

There was a wide clearing in front of the grove, and the air suddenly shimmered with heat.
Immediately after, the eerie company appeared.


I shouted. And the person in the center of the group—Nehyor, looked at me with a great, cherubic smile. And then he said…

“Ah, Golan. We meet again! And now, it’s time to say goodbye.”

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