Tensei Kenja – 149


I froze the monster that was chasing Slibird and helped the slimes.

And then Slibird landed in front of me while still holding the slime.


‘Ohhh! It froze!’


‘Yeah. …I’ll protect you if you’re ever attacked while flying. So don’t worry.’




And then I cast several strengthening spells on Slibird.

Unlike Proud Wolf, he wasn’t strong enough to carry me, but now he would be able to carry all of the slimes while they were combined.

So for now, the slime transportation problem had been solved.


As I was thinking about this…I heard the slimes talking.


‘Yuji! Food!’


‘We should trade places soon!’


It seemed that the time had come for them to trade places. And it was rather perfect timing.

While Slibird had only just been healed…he seemed to be in pretty good condition.


After all, the combination of Cure Poison and High Heal had been enough to heal a human completely from carbon monoxide poisoning.

So damage from Cockatrice poison would also heal quickly.


‘Slibird, sorry to ask you so soon…but, can you fly? I want to send some slimes to trade places with the ones in Ordarion. And I want to carry meat at the same time… The slimes will carry the meat, so you just need to carry the slimes.’


‘Can I eat the meat too?’



Even his thought patterns were like the slimes.

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  1. Yeah, lolz, that’s why slibird 😀
    Let’s hope we get some bomber action soon, it would be awesome. Not just magic, slimes can store stuff, so grab a couple huge boulders, and enjoy the sight.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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